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I would also like to join the visit to EUMETSAT.

Kind Regards,

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Security WG:

See the invitation below from Guillaume Texier to visit EUMETSAT HQ while 
we are meeting in Darmstadt.

The first question: are people interested in making the visit/tour?

The second question: would late in the afternoon - say 15.00 or 16.00 on 
Tuesday work?  I would hope that we would have concluded the bulk of our 
discussions by that hour on our second day of meetings.  We could take the 
tram (tram number 9) from the Darmstadium area to EUMETSAT (or those with 
cars can provide rides if they so desire).

Please send your responses as soon as possible so Guillame can make 



Howard Weiss
Technical Director

7110 Samuel Morse Drive
Columbia, MD 21046
443-430-8089 (office)
410-262-1479 (cell)
443-430-8238 (fax)
howard.weiss at parsons.com

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From: Guillaume Texier [Guillaume.Texier at eumetsat.int]
Sent: Friday, October 23, 2015 8:12 AM
To: Weiss, Howard
Subject: RE: [Sea-sec] FW: [Ccsds-all] REMINDER: Online Registration is 
Now Open for the Fall 2015 Technical and Management Meetings in Darmstadt, 

Dear Howard,
I hope you are fine.
I registered for attending the meeting in Darmstadt for the 2 days of 
SEA-SEC working group.
I asked my managers if they would accept that I organise a short and 
informal visit in our EUMETSAT headquarters there in Darmstadt (i.e. 
control rooms + equipment rooms in our technical building). Managers 
agreed about me proposing it to you as an option.
Of course that?s only a proposition and only possible if it would fit in 
the group agenda. Or maybe later during the week if members stay the 
entire week. Please let me know if that sounds interesting ? :)
Best regards,
Guillaume Texier

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