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Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon May 9 21:12:24 UTC 2022

Dear RASDS group,

As scheduled we had a meeting of the SAWG today, 9 May, to discuss the RASDS edits.  Attendees were: Ramon Krosley,  Christian Stangl, Fred Slane, Peter Shames.

Discussion points:

  *   Ramon Krosley presented the work he has done to use the Ontology Markup Language (OML) to model the ISO 42010 baseline systems architecture ontology and also the new Physical Viewpoint and the Connectivity Viewpoint.
  *   The OML language and tools are described at https://www.opencaesar.io.  There is a downloadable spec and also a set of tools that will plug into the Eclipse framework.
  *   Ramon developed a representation of ISO 42010 using OML that addresses all of the base concepts of viewpoint, view, correspondence, etc, as reflected on pg 4 of the current VG set.  Once you learn the most basic syntax OML is pretty easy to read and understand, but it is also capable of complex expressions of relationships.
  *   Ramon also showed an initial representation of the new Physical Viewpoint that we need for the ISO TC20/SC14 work.  One of the observations that came out this is that the Physical Viewpoint, which defines the base attributes of physical objects and their “connections”, should really be the basis of the Physical Viewpoint and also the derivation point for Connectivity and other physical viewpoints like structural or energetic.
  *   Ramon plans to elaborate these OML descriptions further and to explore the Eclipse tooling
  *   Fred & Peter discussed a possible change to the RASDS document outline to better accommodate the primacy of the Physical Viewpoint.  We had been saying some of this for the last few meetings, but it came into greater focus during today’s meeting.
  *   The existing Connectivity VP, which is so important to CCSDS, is understood to really be a sub viewpoint, or aspect, of the Physical Viewpoint.  The Physical Viewpoint also is used for Structural (materials, junctions, interfaces) and Energetic (electrical, thermal, mechanical, magnetic, thrust, …) properties.  The proposal for RASDS++ is to introduce the Physical Viewpoint first, then to derive the Connectivity viewpoint from that so that it still has prominence (for older RASDS users), and following that one or more “SC14” views like structural or electrical to show how these are related.
Action items:

  *   Peter to craft a revise Table of Contents showing what is proposed to be changed / added
  *   Ramon to revise / extend the OML representations and to explore the Eclipse plug-in for visibility
  *   Fred to define which additional 1 or 2 Physical “aspect” viewpoints that SC14 would accept in RASDS++, such as “structural” and “energetic”
Next Working Session: 13 May 2022.

Thanks, Peter’

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [Sea-sa] SAWG - RASDS Subset, schedule of Spring Working Meetings

Dear SEA-SAWG (RASDS sub-set),

We have scheduled the subset of the CCSDS Spring working meetings to work on the RASDS++ materials based on feedback of key contributors.  We will have three virtual working meetings of three hours each.

The selected days are:

  *   Monday, 9 May 2022
  *   Friday, 13 May 2022
  *   Thursday, 19 May 2022
I will send out the WebEx meeting invites for the selected dates shortly.

The primary focus for this meeting is to ensure that we have a consistent and integrated set of new and updated viewpoints in PPT form such that we can use these as text and figures to start editing the Word document.

The plan for these meetings is to do the following:

  *   Review the existing RASDS working materials (in PPT form)
     *   Each new Viewpoint has an assigned “owner”
     *   Fred (Enterprise, Operational as secondary)
     *   Ramon (Physical / structural, Connectivity as secondary)
     *   Costin (Operational, Functional as secondary)
     *   Peter (Services)
     *   Peter (overall consistency)
  *   Work on any issues in each viewpoint
     *   Review the closest “corresponding viewpoint” for consistency and issues
  *   Ensure that the following criteria are met
     *   Consistent set of terms, definitions, and ontological representation
     *   Consistent set of definitions for each object type
     *   Consistent set of core and extended representations for each object type
     *   Relevant set of basic and extended examples of use

The desire is to get to the end of the working meetings with a set of PPT materials that are internally consistent, both within each viewpoint and across viewpoints, such that we can use them to guide the next stage of document edits and use them to provide all of the needed figures for the document.

Please post any questions / issues ahead of time and see you at the meetings.

Thanks, Peter

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