[Sea-sa] SEA-SAWG - RASDS++ Working Meeting schedule

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Oct 8 23:01:03 UTC 2021

Dear SEA SAWG RASDS subset,

The Doodle-Gods have spoken and the best Working Meeting days for those who responded are Monday, 18 Oct and Wednesday, 20 Oct.  I will send out the WebEx links shortly.  This will be in addition to the normal meeting on Monday, 11 Oct.

Just as a reminder, for the major changes to this RASDS++ update we have agreed to focus on the following additions / extensions (see attached PPT file):

  *   Operations Viewpoint (new): Add support to describe organizational processes, procedures, and related behavior
  *   Physical / Structural Viewpoint (revision of Connectivity): Add support for physical elements, structures, energetic flows, position, attachment, field of view, power, thermal, radiation, other energetic views
  *   Service Viewpoint (new, based on ASL): defined / exposed system service interfaces and interface bindings, hardware, software, and people
  *   Enterprise Viewpoint (refinement): improve requirements and add references to ISO 15288 and mission assurance, but let those docs do the heavy lifting

The biggest challenge right now is just what to do with the Physical / Structural Viewpoint.  We have Components, which may have different aspects, and we have Connectors, which may be of different types.  In the Physical world(s) of engineering there are all these different disciplines, power, thermal, structural, propulsive, each of which have their own unique representational languages.  And yet they are all talking about the same sets of components, but with different concerns and perspectives, and sometimes at different scales.  I doubt that we can identify a single “lingua franca” and that may not even be useful.  For architectural purposes, rather than engineering ones, it may be useful enough to just display these as components, aspects, and different connector types.

It is interesting to note that there are some examples of engineering analyses titled “Fully coupled thermal-electrical-structural analysis”, see https://abaqus-docs.mit.edu/2017/English/SIMACAEANLRefMap/simaanl-c-coupthermalelecstruct.htm.
Anyone who has concepts to bring to the table is invited to do so.

Action Item Tracking

  *   => Action Item: Fred has agreed to look at these viewpoint issues in some detail and to review the RASDS++ revisions with the nascent SC14 architecture team.  Fred will report back during a future meeting.
  *   => Action Item: agree to  incorporate in the early sections of the RASDS++ update a description of the concepts that power Fred’s additions to that spreadsheet.  Definitions of the terms “stage”, “tier”, Tech area” will be briefly introduced, because we will reference them in the revised Enterprise VP, along with a recommendation for a project that uses RASDS++ to adopt, and carefully define, their own terms and meanings.  Note that different orgs may well use different terms.
  *   => Action Item:  everyone is to review the terms in the file “SEA SAWG RASDS Definition updates 15Jun21”, on pgs 8 & 9, and either concur, or provide some other self consistent set of definitions and relationships for these Operations VP terms.

  *   => Action item: Christian is to review the terms and those that the European agencies are using, and suggest how to handle this.

  *   => Action Item: All – consider how to best approach this Physical Viewpoint set of guidelines.

See you Monday, 11 Oct.

Cheers, Peter

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