[Sea-sa] Pietras departure - Last meeting on the SCCS-ARD until the new year

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Nov 30 01:37:41 UTC 2021

Dear SAWG – SCCS-ARD folk,

After what is quite literally decades of service to CCSDS John Pietras is actually going to make good on his threat and retire.  Seems he has grandkids who mean more to him at this point than churning out CCSDS documents.  Go figure!!

John has been the backbone of many CCSDS projects over the years, among them SLE, EF-CLTU, FF-CSTS, CSSM, the FRM, and recently the SCCS-ARD as well.  He has largely hammered the ABA parts of this revised ARD document into shape and we have reviewed it within the SAWG and also with those CESG and WG chairs who came to the review.  The closing act of this long-running play will be John putting the finishing touches on the work he has already started.  Since we have already reviewed what has been accomplished, and gotten feedback on it, John has elected to run the funding tank dry doing the clean-up work instead of having another status meeting.

As a result, the next meeting of the SAWG subset interested in the SCCS-ARD, that was planned for 6 Dec, is hereby cancelled.   For any of you who wish to say “Goodbye” or “Thanks so much” to John I suggest that you reach out to him directly.  He did say that he had a face-to-face “Go Away” meeting with CCSDS a while back, but I am sure he would like to hear from any of you who wish to reach out.

Thanks John!!  You’re a really tough act to follow.

For the rest of you, the next schedule meeting is 3 January, right after New Year’s Day.  So celebrate and then tank up on coffee.  See you in 2022.

Best regards, Peter

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