[Sea-sa] Abbreviated notes from 24 May 21 SEA-SA RASDS meeting

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We held the first of three SEA-SA RASDS working meetings on 24 May 21
Attendees: Huang, Krosley, Radulescu, Shames
ISO TC20/SC14 - Shames
   - Presented (briefly) the status from the SC14 meeting held 21May21.
   - Described current terminology approach in SC14, which is to use the SANA.   Issues from ISO leadership seem to be worked out.  They would like a Beta site  “mock up” of what this might look like.  
   - We will need to work with the SANA to see what is possible.
RASDS++ Operational Viewpoint – Radulescu
   - Presented the revised Operations Viewpoint ontology, only minor adjustments were identified, but others may be needed based on the rest of the discussions
   - It is essential for the terminology definitions and the assertions in the ontology to align correctly, some “leveling” work remains
   - The ontology view addresses objects and their relationships.  It also aligns with the definitions.
   - An example Mission Operations System (MOS) “swimlane” process flow was reviewed.  This example starts with the reception of downlink telemetry, ends with uplinked commands, and uses traditional commanding.  Other approaches are possible.
   - Some adjustments to the diagram were made, on the fly,to better align with the rest of the method
   - Revised Method       
      - Swimlanes are assigned to systems (people, hardware, software, procedures)
      - Each swimlane is tied to a system element to  be modeled (correspondence to decomposed system, and to Functions)
      - Swimlanes contain elements (rounded rectangles) that represent processes
      - Processes are named using actions words, or verbs, such a “Process Data”, “Transmit Commands”
      - Output of Processes are Products, which may be data or some component (or state of being).
      - Processes involve one or more Activities.
      - Products flow out of one Process and into another. 
      - Systems (in swimlanes) may be further decomposed into lower level systems elements.
      - Different sets of swimlanes may appear in different diagrams (higher, or lower, levels of details as well as different scope, like MOS/ground only or end-to-end.
   - In the process of reviewing and updating the diagram we had to clarify some definitions of terms.  The following is the current subset for this purpose:       
      - System: hardware, software, people, procedure
      - Swimlanes are associated with system elements
      - Swimlanes may be horizontal or vertical, whatever fits best
      - Process: activity that delivers a component or product
      - Procedure: ordered set of tasks for performing some actions
      - Action: generates some event, changes some device
      - Activity: behavior to achieve a goal
      - Goal: the intention of an activity or plan
      - Questions?

Next Working Meeting, 25 May 21 @ 0700 AM PDT
   - Review the new changes to the Physical Viewpoint – Ramon Krosley leader
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