[Sea-sa] Updated draft SCCS-ARD on CWE

John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
Wed Jan 27 13:35:45 UTC 2021

SEA-SAWG colleagues ---
I have posted an updated draft of the SCCS-ARD on the CWE at

This new draft focusses on the updates that we discussed at the ARD Splinter Group telecon on 6 January. Specifically, the updates are:

-        The terrestrial side protocol and space side protocol tables in section have been reworked to update the entries, add the new services since the M-1 version, and to align them with current Service Management plans, as discussed during the Webex

-        Section 4.2 (ABA Services) has been updated to reflect current services and to replace repetition of protocol stack requirements with references to the appropriate protocol tables in section 6.

-        The protocol building block diagrams for current ABA ESLT services have been updated and re-organized to allow for easier addition of new services, now in section Please note that only the diagrams have been updated - the requirements statements (i.e.,, etc.) HAVE NOT YET BEEN UPDATED. I have some questions about, and suggestions for, updating those requirements that I hope to discuss at next Monday's (1 Feb) Webex.

-        The ABA ESLT Forward-File Protocol Building Blocks diagram (currently figure 6-12), which has been modified to more-accurately represent (a) the sharing of space data link protocol (SDLP) VC and MC Mux functions by CFDP and CSTS F-Frame service instances, (b) the representation of different sublayers of the SDLP where those sublayers provide different protocol stack services (i.e., ISO OSI type services), and (c) the use of dashed elements to represent functional elements that are expected to co-exist with the "main" service being illustrated but are not part of the provision or production of that "main" service. Please note that the text accompanying this diagram has not yet been updated to explain these nuances.

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