[Sea-sa] Second cut at CSS FRM and SOIS EDS integration approach

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Dec 9 22:28:26 UTC 2021


I sent and earlier version of this file out a while ago, and just refined it.  I cleaned up some of the terminology use and also added a couple of new “here’s what it would look like to use FRM to describe the protocol innards of SOIS on-board communications components” diagrams.  See pgs 13-14.  I did not create a separate diagram to describe the use of EDS to define ESLT real component interfaces, but that is pretty straightforward.

Please take a look at this stuff and let’s get it right.

Meanwhile I am off working to understand the whole thicket of SIS AMA, ADM, ADMT, ODM standards and how they play with DTN, BP, BPSec, etc.  As far as I have dug into it so far, it appears that the AMA/ADM stuff is really a sort of data model and control language for control of applications and protocols.  As stated in the AMA doc, [I-D.birrane-dtn-ama]:

  *   The Asynchronous Management Architecture (AMA) defines a concept for the open-loop control of applications (and protocols) in situations where timely, highly-available connections cannot exist amongst managing and managed nodes in a network.
  *   While the AMA provides a logical data model, it does not include the detailed information necessary to produce interoperable data models.
  *   The ADM defines a physical data model suitable for managing applications in accordance with the AMA.  This physical model is termed the Asynchronous Management Model (AMM) and consists of the data types and data structures needed to manage applications in asynchronous networks.
  *   The ADM document also provides a template, called the Application Data Model Template (ADMT), for the standardized representation of application-specific instances of this model.  Using the types and structures defined by the AMM, individual applications can capture their unique, static management information in documents compliant with the ADMT.  These application-specific documents are called Application Data Models (ADMs).

I have read the AMA and ADM, cover-to-cover, but have not yet dug down through the AMM and ADMT,  I am not yet seeing the relationship of this AMA/ADM to either the EDS or the FRM since it does not appear to reference either components nor interfaces.  If anything, the relationship might be between the AMM/ADM and the CSS SM and MD/SC standards.  We’ll see.

Feedback please, on this part.

Thanks, Peter

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