[Sea-sa] Reminder SCCS-ARD working meeting

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Sat Apr 3 02:12:18 UTC 2021

Dear SCCS-ARD sub-group.

This is just a short reminder that we will be holding the SEA-SA Webex on Monday, 5 April.  The Agenda is to continue review of the updates to the doc that John has prepared.  One specific focus will be the email that John sent out earlier in the week and the related updates to the Sec 6 tables that tries to sort out the various combinations of protocol layers.

There have been some side discussions involving some of the SLS Area folk.  The “Spaghetti” diagram that is attached is one result of this. After looking at the complexity this adds to what would otherwise be a pretty normal set of protocols layers I think we need two separate diagrams, one that shows “normal stuff” and the other that includes all of these “complexifications”.  I firmly believe that the number of missions that will adopt these more complex approaches with be in the 5% range.  I do not want to complicate the “mainline” discussion with all of this complexity, so I would choose to sequester it in its own “high rate VCM” section that covers SCCC, DVB-S2, and VCM.  I do agree that the CCSDS VCM, as written, is a sort of “overview” of all three standards.

The ”spaghetti” diagram that Ken produced is fine for the “complexified” version, but the simpler one produced earlier should be the core diagram for the mainline standards.

The last thing that I thing we should do is to try and weave all of this into one story full of “this …, but not that …, and only if …”.

Hope to see you all then.


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