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Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Oct 19 18:05:22 UTC 2020

Dear SAWG colleagues,

I am late in getting this email sent out, for which I must apologize.  I have been distracted by other duties and have not attended to this in as timely a way as I would have liked.

As most of you know we are all going to be meeting in a virtual format again this session.  That is challenging, but it also will allow us to avoid one of the challenges we have encountered in the past, which is the apparently inevitable collision of the SEA SAWG meetings with those of other working groups.  Working as we do on tasks that cross cut other working groups it has often been the case that some of the key members have not been able to be in our working group meetings because of other conflicts.  I wish to avoid that, but  that means that we will need to meet during the second week of November, 9-13.  I really hope that you can all accommodate this schedule.  The involvement of all of you is essential.

We have largely finished work on the Application and Support Layer (ASL) Green Book, CCSDS 371x0g.  That document has completed CESG review and approval and it is now being readied to send to the CMC for approval to publish.  I believe that we will see that published in a month.  I think it is a piece of work to be proud of.

The next task that we have already started to discuss in the SAWG is the refresh of the Reference Architecture for Space Data Systems (RASDS), CCSDS 311.0-M-1.  We just renewed it, in order to keep it "alive" while we were doing the ASL . Now it is time to take up the revisions in earnest and incorporate what we refined while using it as the methodology to do the ASL GB.  We also need to address the new topics that the ISO TC20/SC14 wishes to include.  The attached presentation covers what has been proposed in some detail and I wish to discuss it during these meetings.  There is also related work  that the SC14 wishes to pursue that is most directly related to extending the SANA Glossary of terms.

Another CCSDS architecture task has potentially showed up on our doorstep.  When we did the ASL GB we specifically referenced the Space Communication Cross Support Architecture Requirements Document (SCCS-ARD, CCSDS 901.1-M-1).  There is a Magenta Book or requirements and a Green Book which is more descriptive.   These use the RASDS methodology to document the "communications architecture" foundation for the ASL applications and support layers.   Just as the ASL covered the MOIMS and SOIS areas, the SCCS-ARD / ADD cover the other four CCSDS areas: SLS, SIS, CSS, and SEA.   These were published in Nov 2013 (GB) and May 2015 (MB).  They are due for refresh and there are been many standards that were then included, but marked [Future], that are now real.  This will, in fact, service as a useful example of what the future revision of the ASL GB will probably look like.

The CSS Area no longer has an Architecture WG and they are entirely willing for this work  to be transitioned into the SEA SAWG.   In fact, there seems to be general support for this.  The issue, as always, is one of resources.  We are asking the various agencies that ought to have an interest in this to step up, even if it is a modest  level of support.  NASA has already committed to supporting the work, but  we need other agencies to contribute as well.

I am assuming that we will need three two hour meetings in order to  cover all of these topics.  A rough agenda would look like this, and I solicit feedback, suggestions, and other topics.

Meeting 1

  *   Agenda review
  *   ASL status update (assuming there is a change in state)
  *   Review of core RASDS revisions, including ASL and MBSE extensions

Meeting 2

  *   Review of SC14 related RASDS revisions, including new viewpoints
  *   Discussion of  integration and joint / parallel ? publication process
  *   Rough work plan for RASDS revisions
  *   Brief discussion of SANA / Terminology issues

Meeting 3

  *   Review of SCCS-ARD/ADD revisions
  *   Coordination between SCCS-ARD/ADD and RASDS revisions
  *   Rough work plan to SCCS-ARD/ADD revisions
  *   Closing discussions

As stated earlier, I am proposing that we meet during the second week of November.  I would like to ask for an indication from all of you as to whether you can support this during the week and which dates work the best.  In order to facilitate this I have created a "PollForAll" Poll (you all remember Doodle, this is a replacement web tool) and ask that you indicate your yes / no / if necessary preferences for each of the dates.

Thanks for listening, and I hope to see you all in November.

Best regards, Peter

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