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Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Nov 9 16:43:13 UTC 2020


During today’s meeting we spent a little time talking about the subjects of terminology / glossary and ontologies.  The CCSDS has a set of registries that are maintained in something called the Space Assigned Numbers Authority (SANA), https://sanaregistry.org/.  This is a parallel construct to the Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) and it registers all sorts of static, and dynamic, data  that are related to, derived from, or standardized by CCSDS standards.

Two of these registries are Terminology (terms defined in CCSDS standards, https://sanaregistry.org/r/terms) and Abbreviations (acronyms defined/used in CCSDS standards, https://sanaregistry.org/r/abbreviations).  It is expansion of the scope of the Terminology registry that is under discussion with the SC14, and potentially the ECSS, teams.  So one subject for discussion in the SSG  is just how we govern that process.

A related “updates” topic could be just how we might tackle the subject of  an ontology registry.

The SOIS already has a set of registries that support their Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) and Dictionary of Terms standard.  These are found at https://sanaregistry.org/r/sois.  They include xml, owl, and other related files.  But they are just a set of static files that have to be imported into  some tool like Protege, and they are very limited in scope.  Would we want to  consider creation of some new registry that  contained a more broadly defined ontology, and what  might that look like?

These are subjects for discussion on Thursday.  Please come if you are interested in these topics.

Best regards, Peter

From: Peter Shames <peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov>
Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 5:35 PM
To: "SANA Steering Group (SSG)" <ssg at mailman.ccsds.org>
Cc: CCSDS Engineering Steering Group - CESG Exec <cesg at mailman.ccsds.org>, Colin Haddow <Colin.Haddow at esa.int>, Tim Pham <timothy.t.pham at jpl.nasa.gov>, David Berry <david.s.berry at jpl.nasa.gov>, James Border <james.s.border at jpl.nasa.gov>, Kevin K Gifford <kevin.gifford at colorado.edu>, John Pietras <john.pietras at gst.com>, Holger Dreihahn/esoc/ESA <Holger.Dreihahn at esa.int>
Subject: FW: [EXTERNAL] (Forward to others) WebEx meeting invitation: CCSDS SANA Steering Group (SSG) Meeting

Dear SANA Steering Group,

I would like to hold a virtual SSG meeting on Thursday, 12 Nov, from 0700-0900.  The proposed agenda is this:

  1.  SANA Operator report, 45 mins
  2.  SANA issues, 45 mins
  3.  SANA updates open discussion, 30mins

As was noted earlier, the updated SANA Yellow Books have now been approved.  There have been a number of issues in discussion relating to the SANA, updates to registries, and access to registries by authorized Agency Reps to update Agency information.  I do not have a complete list here, but I would like to solicit suggested topics for the "Issues" segment of this meeting.  I will open the meeting to  anyone from any of the Areas of WG who wishes to participate.

In the "updates open discussion" I  would encourage  any WG  that has  concepts for using their registries or for adding new ones to bring these forward.  There are  a few  possible uses of the service sites and apertures registries that  are in discussion. I also  spoke at some length to Kevin Gifford about extending the QSCID registry concept to allow registration of S/C that are WiFi 802.11 or 4G/LTE end-points.  This should be a natural extension of the one registry per existing protocol & wavelength approach, treating 802.11 and 4G/LTE as new protocols (which they are), with assigned wavelength "bins", and registering the assigned MAC addresses and IMEI instead of SCIDs.

Are there other extensions, like the CSS FRM registries, "waiting in the wings"?

Thanks, Peter

From: Peter Shames <messenger at webex.com>
Reply-To: Peter Shames <peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov>
Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 5:14 PM
To: Peter Shames <peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov>
Subject: [EXTERNAL] (Forward to others) WebEx meeting invitation: CCSDS SANA Steering Group (SSG) Meeting

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