[Sea-sa] Status of PID / RID resolutions and document updates

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue May 26 23:16:21 UTC 2020

Dear SAWG colleagues,

Thanks again for your support of last Thursday's WebEx meeting.  We got through the entire set of all RIDs and PIDs, with an agreed set of dispositions.    Ramon loaded the SOIS set of edits to the CWE at:

I have just processed these SOIS RIDs, made the edits to the draft of the Word doc, and uploaded that to the CWE as well.  There are actually four new files:

  1.  Edited version of the draft ASL Word docs with all PS/Done assignments completed.   "371x0g0_PID dispositions 26May20.doc"
  2.  Merged PID/RID spreadsheet with all inputs combined and sorted by Sec and Pg. All PS/Done assignments marked.  "CESG Poll issue resolution merged 371x0g1 26May20.xlsx"
  3.  Updated set of "3 cases" figures from Sec 9.5 with all required changes made.  CTE to insert into doc.  "SO - MO 3Cases figures - 26May20.pptx"
  4.  Final version of just the SOIS RIDs with dispositions and "PS/Done" status marked.  "CESG Poll issue resolution 371x0g1 26May20.SOIS.xlsx"

At this point all of my inputs have been made to the Word doc and the spreadsheet.  I am handing the torch to Ramon who will now make all of the changes to the sections and figures he has been assigned and update the resolutions spreadsheet.  Once that is completed Ramon will upload the resulting files and hand the torch off to Roger.

Let the next relay stage begin!

Thanks, Peter

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