[Sea-sa] Updated SEA SAWG Integration Approach

Shames, Peter M (312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed May 17 15:06:39 UTC 2017

Dear SEA-SA colleagues,

Please find attached an updated version of my summary of the materials we developed last week.  These were selected from what we all reviewed during the working meetings, and they were the materials we used during the SOIS and MOIMS working sessions.

During those sessions, and in the CESG meeting this week, there were some requests for additional information, most specifically a Glossary of terms.  Some of the terms which we have been using, and become comfortable with, are foreign to others, so this is intended to rectify that.

This updated set of materials also adds a couple of pages of introductory materials, to remind the readers of what we are doing and how it fits together (pgs 3-6).  Other materials, notably pgs 37-58, contain the requested Terminology / Glossary.  These materials were drawn directly from RASDS and from the SCCS-ARD, which we have said we are using as a basis.  If you have not yet reviewed those documents these pages will provide a set of definitions that should, by now, be fairly familiar to you.  It is, I must admit, a pretty extensive set of terms, but it does not include all of the terms defined in those two documents, just the ones that are relevant for us.  If there are new, additional terms that either we have been using, or that fill in holes from a MOIMS or SOIS perspective, please suggest them now.  I did not dig into those doc sets.

Please take a look and provide feedback by the end of this week (19 May), if at all possible.  I want to send this out to the MOIMS, SOIS, and CESG, but would like your concurrence before sending it out.

Best regards, Peter

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