[Sea-sa] One option for the SEA SA Green Book outline

Shames, Peter M (312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Nov 21 20:09:19 UTC 2016

Dear SEA SA colleagues,

Attached please find one possible option for the SEA SA Green Book outline.  This was created to align with the RASDS set of viewpoints that we have been using, and also with the outline for the SCCS-ADD.  This was done to facilitate addressing all of the MOIMS and SOIS topics and also the alignment with the underlying SCCS-ADD comm services.

The one thing that differs here is that we use five views instead of four.  For the SCCS-ADD we did not really need to use the Information viewpoint.  For this Application and Support Layer (ASL) ADD we do need to use that view.  We could, perhaps, eliminate the End-to-End view, but I think that there is a story (or two) to be told from that viewpoint.  It might also be that we want to put the Information view in right after the Services view, but for now I inserted it at the end.

Please take a look at this and think about whether you think it will work for what we have been asked to do and for the kinds of materials that we have.  You will also see that I greyed out certain topics in the outline.  What I wanted to do was to draw attention to those topics where I thought that we lacked strong materials from one or another of the areas.  Your opinions may differ from mine, so please give some thought to this and we can discuss it at the next telecon.

It is also possible for us to take this set of topics and slice them along the lines of the two areas.  Some of that thinking is evident in this version as well, since we do have two separate sets of work, with rather different focus, features, and viewpoints.  So we could create the table of contents as MOIMS (with its viewpoints), SOIS (with its different viewpoints), and some future integrated views.  I did not try and sketch this out, but if anyone feels strongly that this might be a better approach please let me know and I'll cook one of those up for comparison.

Thanks, Peter

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