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Roger Thompson roger.rocketbrain at btinternet.com
Thu Nov 3 23:23:06 UTC 2016

Hi Peter,


I can support the first two, but as advised will be out of action during January: from 7th Jan to 2nd February inclusive.  I suggest you go ahead with a telecon without me in January.

I have been working on MPS WG updates, and plan to do some work on the Reference Architecture next week, so will not have made too much progress by Monday.  However, I still think it would be useful to have a telecon.






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Hi SAWG team,


As usual, meeting planning is something of a puzzlement.  As best I can figure if we want to have a meeting where the two key MOIMS and SOIS contributors are present we have limited options.  Piecing together the inputs (copied below) I think we can do the following:


Monday, 7 Nov, 0700 PST, 1500 UTC, 1600 CET, 2200 China

Thursday, 1 Dec, 0700 PST, 1500 UTC, 1600 CET, 2200 China

Tuesday, 10 Jan, 0700 PST, 1500 UTC, 1600 CET, 2200 China


I think those time calculations are correct for standard time, but if not please advise me.  We are now half way through conversion back to standard time and it's a bit confusing.  Please let me know if you can support meetings at those times.


You should all know that the CMC, by a voice vote, approved the new SAWG Green Book project that we proposed, so we are cleared to work on that with the resources that were identified.  


I also recognize that time is short between now and the next proposed meeting.  I had proposed an agenda for the next meeting that included:

-          GB outline 

-          MOIMS / SOIS analysis 

-          issues 


If I can pull together an outline for the GB before next Monday I will.  Aside from that I think it would be most productive for us to review the EDS materials that Ray has provided.  From our SAWG discussions, and from discussions with the other WGs and in the CESG, it appears that there is a lot of support for looking at the possibility of broad(er) applicability of the EDS.  So I propose the following agenda for next Monday, 7 Nov.


-          SOIS EDS discussion, features, structure, use - Krosley

-          GB outline - Shames

-          issues 


Best regards, Peter




From: Roger Thompson <roger.rocketbrain at btinternet.com>


Hi Peter,


Assuming it is late afternoon as usual, I am currently free any day of the week of 12th December.  The previous week is more difficult in the afternoons, but I could also do Thu 1st or Fri 2nd December.

In November, the only day I am currently free is Monday 7th.


 I am on holiday from 14-29 November (in Cuba), so neither date works for me, I’m afraid.  If you are planning another telecon in December, then perhaps it would be best just to go ahead without me.

Note that I shall also be unavailable in January (Antarctica).








From: Ramon Krosley <r.krosley at andropogon.org


Peter, I put a file named “SOIS.EDS.schema.ppt” into the 2016 Telecon Materials directory on CWE.  This is a top-level summary of the structure of the EDS schema, which you requested during the Fall meeting.


The week before or after Roger’s departure is OK for me.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday are best for me to attend an 8-10 mountain time teleconference.


I can attend the teleconference on either the 15th or the 22nd.  If the time of the meeting remains the same as before, there will not be a conflict with the SOIS app meetings, which occur an hour earlier on Tuesdays.




From: "Christian.Stangl at dlr.de" <Christian.Stangl at dlr.de>

One question regarding the time when you want to put the telecon, you suggest 8-10 mountain time, i.e. 14:00 -16:00 UTC / 15:00 to 17:00 CET?

If so, all Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays are perfect for me (preferably in this order) and I could attend the telecon. Do you send an invitation?


Best regards from Munich/DLR-Oberpfaffenhofen, Christian






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