[Sea-sa] Additional "walk-on" topics for the SAWG CCSDS Reference Architecture work

Shames, Peter M (312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Apr 28 17:42:49 UTC 2016

Dear SAWG,

During Tuesday’s CESG telecon a new issue for SAWG consideration was brought to my attention.  The question was asked “Where does voice and video fit into this architecture?"  A similar question might be “Where do all the archive standards fit into this architecture?”.  These two topics are missing at this point.  I’ll briefly offer my observations, but I am open to further discussion on this:

Voice and Video

  1.  These are in the SIS area, but they were not covered by the SCCS-ARD/ADD.
  2.  The reason they were left out of the SCCS-ARD is that these are fundamentally application layer protocols that also have a user interface / presentaiton component.
  3.  I propose that we include them as a special application layer flight and ground topic that is relevant for human missions.
  4.  That said, are there other standards that need a similar treatment?  The one that comes to mind is the robotics topic, but that WG is still trying to find its way.

Data Archive, ingest, and procedures

  1.  There is a set of data archive, ingest, and related management standards in the MOIMS area.
  2.  These include OAIS, PAIMAS, DAI, DEDSL, and others.
  3.  We need to ask MOIMS if they wish to have these included, and if so, who can represent and describe them.
  4.  These are also, with the excpetion of DEDSL, largely process / procedural in nature and that is more of an operations viewpoint set of topics.
  5.  I propose that we include these as strictly ground based topics, but only if MOIMS wishes to support their specification.
  6.  RASDS does not have an operations viewpoint, per se, but there are lots of DoDAF, TOGAF, and SysML examples of how this might be handled.

What do you all think about this?  Are there other topics that we are missing that you are aware of?  Are there other human space flight topics that we might want to distinguish?  Are there other operations / procesures topics we need to accommodate?

Thanks, Peter

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