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Hi Ray,

I'll ask that you be added to the update list.

On the subject of deployment diagrams, one of the things we discussed early in the meeting was to select deployment scenarios that would be relevant to Lunar & Mars exploration.

I'd like us all to consider this when selecting the scenarios that diagrams address.  Other than that thought I do agree that we should not just replicate GB diagrams unless there is some particularly useful purpose for the flow of our document and alignment with the consistent style we have adopted.


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Hi Peter,

I’m not able to upload documents to this folder using my sign-in (user id ramon.krosley).  I have attached the SOIS document with the revisions that we discussed.  I removed the class diagram that listed the API’s in favor of Yonghui’s tabular format.  The deployment diagrams are just copied from the SOIS green book, so they raise the issue of duplication that Roger described; unless there is a way to abstract them further, the duplication could be eliminated by a phrase like “see green book”.


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Dear SAWG team,

I just uploaded the final draft set of meeting minutes to the SEA / SAWG / Meeting Materials / 2016 / Spring 2016 Cleveland folder.  It is also attached here.

Please review these minutes and provide any suggested edits.  I tried to make them as clear as possible.

All of your current presentation materials are also in this folder.  Please upload any changes that you make and update the version and date as needed.

Thanks again for all your support.


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