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Just for clarity, the opening SEA Plenary remains on Monday from 09:45 – 10:45.

Hope to see you all there.


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Have you canceled the opening SEA plenary on Mon AM or are you only illustrating changes?


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Dear SA BoF, SSG and XML SIG members,

The announcement was just sent out to register for the upcoming CCSDS meetings.  Please take the time to register now so we have an accurate idea of who will be attending the various meetings.  The System Architecture BoF meetings were incorrectly identified as “Service Architecture BoF”.  This has just now been corrected to System Architecture BoF.  A subtle, but important, distinction.

Because of some scheduling conflicts, and the press of other issues, we have to make some schedule adjustments that I wanted you all to be aware of:

Monday, Nov 9, 10:45 – 12:30: Special Topic, SCID registry changes
This session and room is being reserved to meet with member of other areas to discuss the issue of Spacecraft ID registries and the adoption of a set of “frequency bins” that are proposed to increase the available SCID allocation space.  Feel free to join in if you wish.

Monday, Nov 9, 13:30-14:30: Tech Editor Boot Camp
I have to present at the Tech Editor’s Boot Camp.  Feel free to attend if you have not yet or if you want a “refresher course” on changes to CCSDS polices and procedures.

Monday, Nov 9, 14:30-17:30:  System Architecture BoF
Review whole proposed program of work
Discuss any other changes / additions / deletions to the plan ot work
Make any last edits to the WG charter

Tuesday, Nov 10, 08:45-12:30: System Architecture BoF
Discuss draft materials for “CCSDS Reference Architecture”, otherwise known as “CCSDS Application Layer Architecture”
Identify any issues in aligning this Application Layer Architecture (ALA) with the existing SCCS-ADD
Identify any issues between MOIMS and SOIS
Develop a plan for developing the ALA in phases, starting with a concistent set of “RASDS Cartoons” that can be reviewed with the other areas & CESG

Tuesday, Nov 10, 13:30 – 17:30: System Architecture BoF
Discuss RASDS refresh approach, two phases, re-confirmation followed by the more extensive refresh later
Discuss registry issues and draft Registry Management Policy (result to be reviewed with the SSG on Thursday afternoon)
Discuss CCSDS information model, glossary and ontology approaches
SA BoF Wrap-up, work plans

Thursday, Nov 12, 13:30-14:30: Tech Editor Boot Camp
I have to present at the Tech Editor’s Boot Camp.  Feel free to attend if you have not yet or if you want a “refresher course” on changes to CCSDS polices and procedures.

Thursday, Nov 12, 14:30-15:30: SANA Steering Group (SSG)
Short SANA operator report / issue identification
Results of SCID registry change discussions from Monday
Present draft Registry Management Policy
Discuss related changes to the SANA YB and the SCID MB (was Blue)

Thursday, Nov 12, 15:30-16:00: XML Standards and Guidelines
Status of XML RFC and XML Policy YB

Thursday, Nov 12, 16:00-17:30: SEA Plenary
Area Overview
WG & BoF reports
Preparation for CESG meeting

Thanks in advance for all of your support.  Looking forward to seeing all of you in Darmstadt.


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