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Roger Thompson Roger.Thompson at scisys.co.uk
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Hi Peter,


I was asked if I could attempt to provide inputs in terms of the MOIMS
functions (essentially SM&C), with a view to updating the MOIMS diagram
in your presentation to show interactions and information exchanges in
the way you had identified for other areas.  I indicated that I may be
able to do this, but would not have any time before Christmas due to
commitments on other projects.  I was anticipating a few days effort in
total prior to the next CCSDS technical meeting.  I cannot commit to
provide any more than this, as we are simply not funded to do that.  I
have already committed to provide ca. 10% of my available time to work
on Mission Planning Green Book, which is effectively the level at which
I am funded for CCSDS.  The work you outline below would appear to be
significantly more effort than this.


At present I could support a telecon at 16:00 UTC on either 1st or 3rd


Best regards,




From: Shames, Peter M (312B) [mailto:peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov] 
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To: Ramon Krosley; Roger Thompson
Subject: SAWG Re-start and the CCSDS Reference Architecture
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Roger, Ray, et al,


During this month's CCSDS working meetings we discussed the restart of
the SEA System Architecture WG, and particularly the immediate task of
making progress on the CCSDS Reference Architecture.  The request to do
the SAWG re-start has cleared the CESG conditions and has now been
submitted for CMC approval.  You can look in the CCSDS CWE for the draft
x0100A4D5CA281E0BF448B809E87B9A2111F6) and for the three draft projects
that we have agreed are to be started.  The Concept Paper for this work
is atached here.  


As agreed during the CESG meeting, the three projects to be started, in
priority order, are:

1.	CCSDS Reference Architecture
2.	SANA Registries and policies
3.	RASDS re-confirmation

The following comments reflect what has been proposed and discussed.
However, I do consider the work plan and the priorities to be open for
discussion, so if any of you have issues please bring them up now.
Item 2 on this list is already well under way, having been worked with
the SANA Operator and the CCSDS Secretariat staff, including the CCSDS
Chief Tech Writer.  I will load the current drafts into a folder on the
CWE.  Item 3 on the list should be a quick piece of work, since what we
have agreed to do is just to re-confirm the current RASDS, CCSDS
311-M-1, until we have freed the resources to do the more extensive job
in the second phase of this work.  Item 1 is the one that has some sense
of urgency from the CMC and that will take significant effort.


Attached are the materials used during the CCSDS Reference Architecture
special session held on Tuesday, 10 Nov.  These concepts, and the
figures that represent them, are drawn almost exclusively from existing
MOIMS SM&C and SOIS documents.  Charts 22-24 describe the open issues
and overall approach.  I will not repreat all of that here except to
note that I think the first thing we need to do, after we agree on the
details of the approach, is to tackle these two issues from pg 22:

*	MOIMS functions, their interactions, and information exchanges
(internal & external) must be factored into the Reference Architecture
*	SOIS functions, their interactions, and information exchanges
(internal & external) must be factored into the Reference Architecture

The present materials, at least the ones I could find, just do not have
the level of clarity and consistency that we need, and they do not align
with each other nor with the SCCS-ADD, so work must be done to sort this
out and to get us on a level playing field.  Only after we do that can
we start to discuss where the gaps are, even on a conceptual level.


In order to be able to make any sort of plan for this we need to know
just what we are each bringing to the table in terms of resources.   I
will be able to make roughly 25% of my time available to work on this
for the next six months.  I do have other commitments, so my level of
effort may vary over time depending on other project priorities.
Working together I think we can make significant progress in that space
of time.  


I would like to know just what level of effort each of you will be able
to provide and if you have any scheduling issues.  Please let me know
what your level of contribution will look like and the expected period
of performance.


I also propose that we have a planning telecon early in Dec.  Either
Tuesday 1 Dec or Thursday 3 Dec, at 0800 Pacific work for me.  Do either
of these days work for you?


Thanks, Peter








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