[Sea-ia] Registry/Repository Use Cases/White Book

Dan Crichton dan.crichton at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Dec 20 20:46:36 EST 2007


Per our discussion at the Fall CCSDS Meeting, I'm attaching an 
initial draft Registry Repository White Book.  Steve Hughes and I had 
committed to getting an initial draft to you with a set of use cases. 
While there is more work that needs to be done, I believe it is in 
sufficient shape that I can share it with you.  We have received 
input from several sources including the SLE, Nav and SM&C WGs 
regarding use cases and have included them in the appendix.  We've 
also included use cases input from Lou and Stephane.  Thank you for 
providing that.

Below is the schedule we established in Heppenheim. I apologize that 
I did not get this out as early as I was hoping (Dec 1). However, I'm 
assuming that work on the information model can begin and that in 
parallel, we can continue to work on refining the use cases.  You 
will notice that we have identified two specialized registries in the 
use cases: XML schema and services. It's our current thinking that 
other specialized registries can be added which inherit the 
properties of a generalized registry as we define their need. You 
will notice that we plan to discuss the need for additional specific 
objects during the March meeting.

Oct 31, 2007: Existing use cases sent to Dan Crichton/Steve Hughes
Nov 30, 2007: Dan/Steve to send out use cases document and informal 
Jan 15, 2008: David/Steve to send informal model to team
Jan 15, 2008: Lou to send out federation model to team; Don/John to 
identify control authority issues related to federation

Next CCSDS Meeting (March 2008)
      * Discuss federation model
      * Discuss information model
      * Discuss specific objects/registries

I would like to wish you a very happy new year.

Best regards,

Dan Crichton

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>Hi Everyone,
>Here's a copy of the rough work plan for the white book that we 
>created yesterday in the registries meeting.
>Dan Crichton
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