[Sea-ia] Re: [SEA-all] Long Erasure Codes

Takahiro Yamada tyamada at pub.isas.ac.jp
Tue Oct 19 03:20:49 EDT 2004

Dear all,

I wrote:

> The Long Erasure Codes BOF of the CCSDS Space Link Services Area is 
> planning to have an informative/tutorial session on the Long Erasure 
> Codes (aka Tornado Codes) during the CCSDS meeting week (15-19 November) 
> in Toulouse.
> If you are interested in participating in it, please let Gian Paolo 
> Calzolari (Gian.Paolo.Calzolari at esa.int) and me know. If you have 
> constraints in that week (for example, if you have meetings that you 
> must attend during that week), please let us know about them, too.

I just learned that the session mentioned above is currently planned for 
Tuesday, 16 November in the morning. It should start at 9 and be 
completed in a couple of hours.

So, please let Gian Paolo and me know if you are interested in 
participating in it.

Best regards,
Takahiro Yamada.

for your loved one

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