[MOIMS] [CESG] Resolutions and Action Items from the CMC Meeting 11-13 June 2019

Mario.Merri at esa.int Mario.Merri at esa.int
Tue Jun 18 10:32:47 UTC 2019

Dear MOIMS leads,

I draw your attention to the following statements in the attached 

CMC-R-2019-06-08 The CMC resolves to reconfirm the following MOIMS 
projects as requested by the CESG.

Data Archive Ingest Working Group
CCSDS 610.0-G-5, Space Data Systems Operations with Standard Formatted 
Data Units: System and Implementation Aspects (Green Book, Issue 5, 
February 1987)
CCSDS 620.0-B-2, Standard Formatted Data Units?Structure and Construction 
Rules (Blue Book, Issue 2, May 1992)
CCSDS 621.0-G-1, Standard Formatted Data Units ? A Tutorial (Green Book, 
Issue 1, May 1992)
CCSDS 622.0-B-1, Standard Formatted Data Units?Referencing Environment 
(Blue Book, Issue 1, May 1997)
CCSDS 641.0-B-2, Parameter Value Language Specification (CCSD0006 and 
CCSD0008) (Blue Book, Issue 2, June 2000)
CCSDS 641.0-G-2, Parameter Value Language ? A Tutorial (Green Book, Issue 
2, June 2000)
CCSDS 643.0-B-1, ASCII Encoded English (CCSD0002) (Blue Book, Issue 1, 
November 1992)
CCSDS 647.1-B-1, Data Entity Dictionary Specification Language 
(DEDSL)?Abstract Syntax (CCSD0011) (Blue Book, Issue 1, June 2001)
CCSDS 647.2-B-1, Data Entity Dictionary Specification Language (DEDSL)?PVL 
Syntax (CCSD0012) (Blue Book, Issue 1, June 2001)
CCSDS 647.3-B-1, Data Entity Dictionary Specification Language 
(DEDSL)?XML/DTD Syntax (CCSD0013) (Blue Book, Issue 1, January 2002)

Spacecraft Monitoring and Control Working Group
CCSDS 521.0-B-2, Mission Operations Message Abstraction Layer (Blue Book, 
Issue 2, March 2013)
CCSDS 521.1-B-1, Mission Operations Common Object Model (Blue Book, Issue 
1, February 2014)
CCSDS 523.1-M-1, Mission Operations Message Abstraction Layer?JAVA API 
(Magenta Book, Issue 1, April 2013)

CMC-R-2019-06-09 The CMC resolves to release CCSDS 660.0-P-1.1, XML 
Telemetric and Command Exchange (XTCE) (Pink Book, Issue 1.1) for CCSDS 
Agency review.

CMC-A-2019-06-04 The CMC directs the Secretariat to remove the 
Telerobotics Working Group from the front page of the CWE.
Due Date: 21 June 2019

CMC-A-2019-06-07 The CMC directs the CCSDS Liaison to IOAG to convey these 
messages to IOAG:
CCSDS is prepared to assist IOAG in convincing Lunar Gateway project to 
adopt those standards they have selected but may not fly (USLP, Optical 
Communications, DTN, SLE);
CCSDS is prepared to assist IOAG in advertising other CCSDS standards to 
Lunar Gateway (MO Services, Service Management).
Due Date: 1 August 2019

CMC-A-2019-06-10 The CMC directs the CCSDS Liaison to IOAG to inquire if 
any actions (inputs to ICPA, extension of mission operations to onboard) 
will be requested from CCSDS in Service Catalogue 3.
Due Date: 1 August 2019


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Dear CMC and CESG Members, 

Please find attached the resolutions and action items from the CMC's 
meeting last week, 11-13 June 2019. Please let me know if you have any 
corrections for these items or if I can provide any additional context.

Best regards,

Michael Blackwood
CCSDS Secretariat
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