[MOIMS] [CESG] CCSDS Strategic Plan

Berry, David S (3920) david.s.berry at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Oct 27 17:30:38 UTC 2017


Per your request, I have reviewed the "MOIMS Content" and "MOIMS Links" at the link provided below, and have a couple of minor comments.

1. In the MOIMS Content, in the first line of the Area description, I would remove the word "all", because that is probably a nearly impossible task. Either remove "all" or substitute something more reflective of actual practice (e.g., "high-priority")

From:  "The objective of the MOIMS area is to address all application-level standards..."
To:    "The objective of the MOIMS area is to address application-level standards..."
Alternatively:  "The objective of the MOIMS area is to address high-priority application-level standards..."

2. In the MOIMS Links, I would suggest moving "CWE Doc. TBD Events Message (Predicted Orbital Events)" from section 6 (Future Work) to section 5 (Standards in Production) since this project was recently approved.

Incidentally, it would be easier to check these lists of document links if they were in numerical order.

3. I have no comments on the "Top Level Content" of the Strategic Plan.


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Dear MOIMS leaders,

CMC has requested to have a review of the CCSDS Strategic Plan during the joint F17 CESG/CMC meeting.

Therefore, I kindly ask you to review the strategic plan and let me know if you require any update by 27Oct17. More specifically, please go to https://cwe.ccsds.org/fm/sp and review the material under the links related to MOIMS in the left pane.

Many thanks,


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Dear all,

CMC has requested to have a review of the CCSDS Strategic Plan during the joint F17 CESG / CMC meeting.

Therefore, I kindly ask all ADs / DADs to update (if needed)
1.        Area Goals
2.        Area links, updating the docs either newly approved or  those at work approved since your last check
 at the latest by 10th Nov 2017


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