[Moims-sc] Agency Use Cases for MDPDS

Mehran Sarkarati Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int
Tue Sep 13 18:17:45 UTC 2022

Dear all,

As agreed in today’s meeting, in preparation for the Fall Technical meeting,  I am redistributing the Use Cases, specified by CNES, DLR and. ESA for the Mission Data Product Distribution Service.

I recap from the MoM of our telecon of 21.06.:

Agenda Point 3: Presentation of Agency Use Cases for the Mission Data Product Distribution Service
CNES, DLR and ESA delivered use cases and presented them. Nasa input is missing.
In general two scenarios are observed + one added by Roger.
Scenario 1: Predefined set of products are available for retrieval. The consumer can browse and retrieve them.

Scenario 2: Consumer can request a product and then retrieve it. If the product is generically produced or already available is transparent to the consumer. Which products the consumer can request and with which parameters are fixed in an ICD.

Scenario 3: Consumer can register interest in a product without knowing if and when it will become available. The service will deliver it to the consumer if and when it becomes available.

It was observed that both push and pull modes are used. Security is a consideration for the choice.
It was also observed that generic file transfer mechanism is a means of data distribution.
Serge highlighted that CCSDS has already a standard for generic terrestrial file transfer and we should check it out first.
Next step is to get NASA input. Peter Collins will update ESA slides to align them with the CNES and DLR style of input. Mehran Sarkarati will distribute the presentation.



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