[Moims-sc] MoM 19.10.2022 - Resolutions of all PIDs from CESG Review of MAL Book CCSDS 521.0-B-3

Mehran Sarkarati Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int
Fri Oct 21 07:40:34 UTC 2022

Minutes of the Meeting

Date: 19.10.2022

Participants: Klaus-Juergen Schulz (CESG Chair), Mario Merri (MOIMS AD), Marc Duhaze (MOIMS deputy AD), Peter Shames (SEA AD), Tomaso de Cola (AD SIS), Mehran Sarkarati (SM&C WG Chair), Scott Reeves in remote (SM&C deputy Chair), SM&C WG (Olivier Churlaud CNES, Peter Collins ESA, Costin Radulesco JPL, Serge Lacourte CNES, Mason Hall NASA, Cesar Coelho ESA, Roger Thompson ESA, Stefan Gaertner DLR in remote)

Agenda Point : Review and resolution of the PIDs raised by SEA AD during the CESG Review of the MAL Book CCSDS 521.0-B-3.

Decision: All PIDs have been reviewed and closed during the meeting. The agreement for the closure of each PID has been documented in the column “PID Resolution as per meeting on 19.10.2022“ of the attached Excel table. SEA AD confirmed that all raised conditions have been met, hence the MAL Book CCSDS 521.0-B-3 can be sent to Agency Review.

Decision: Wrt the discussion of the color of the book it was agreed that SM&C WG shall add a new chapter “MAL Adaptation for a concrete deployment “ to explicitly spell out the items that need to be set by means of outbound agreements. The SEA AD confirmed his agreement to keep the color of the MAL Book CCSDS 521.0-B-3 as Blue Book. It was also explicitly agreed not to reopen the same discussion on other SM&C books for MAL Bindings to Transport and encoding (i.e. TCP/IP , SPP, HTTP …Binding Books)  and Application Layer Services (i.e. M&C Book, Mission Data Product Distribution Book, Mission Planning Book, …). It was agreed that these books also remain as Blue Books.

Action: M. Sarkarati to send the updated MAL Book CCSDS 521.0-B-3. to Thomas Gannet to start the Agency Review. Due date – 28.10.2022

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