[Moims-sc] M&C Book

Serge Lacourte serge.lacourte at scalagent.com
Tue Oct 11 07:22:08 UTC 2022

Hi Mehran,

as promised please find attached the latest revision of the M&C Book. It 
is still incomplete, but it contains finalized changes about the 
services Action, Parameter, and ConfigurationManagement. The source is 
in modification mode.

Can you please forward it to the Working Group ?

The main changes are :

  * the data model
      o sections 2.5, 2.6.2, 2.7.1
  * the Action service
      o sections 2.6, 3.2, 4.2
      o with changes previously presented by Olivier in WG
      o a proposal for the monitorActionTransfer semantics and API
      o questions about some of the operations, to keep or not
  * the Parameter service
      o sections 2.7, 3.3, 4.3
  * the new ConfigurationManagement service
      o section 3.9
      o with operations related to the Action and Parameter data models

Best regards,


Serge Lacourte
Directeur general
ScalAgent Distributed Technologies SA
tel. +33 4 76 29 79 81
mobile. +33 6 86 47 41 06
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