[Moims-sc] Updated MO Green book for WG review

宮野 喜和 miyano.yoshikazu at jaxa.jp
Mon Mar 4 07:02:21 UTC 2019

Dear Sam-san,

I have just 3 comments about COM specification
from the viewpoints of what MO beginners
will have difficulty in understanding.

1. Final Sentence of section 4.3
Following sentence is better if COM specification include
Archive. Event services and Activity Tracking service pattern.

The COM specification is split into two parts, the first specifies a 
standard data object model, and the second specifies 2 support services 
and a service pattern.

2 Title of Section 4.3.3 "COM Service and service patterns"

It is better to modify into "COM Services and service pattern"

3. Relationship between Activity Tracking and Event service.

It is better to mention that activity tracking uses event service
in section or Figure 5-4 before section
MO beginners have difficulty in understanding what is relationship
between Activity Tracking pattern and Event Service in Figure5-4.



On 2019/02/14 22:41, Sam Cooper wrote:
> Dear All,
> Please find below the link to the latest draft of the MO Concept Green Book for review:
>   [https://cwe.ccsds.org/moims/docs/MOIMS-SMandC/Draft%20Documents/Concept%20Green%20Book/Green%20Book%20Outline%20R5%20Feb%202019.docx?Web=1]
> Please could people provide comments etc by 8th of March in three weeks time.
> The contents of the book is 95% complete, just the future directions section to be expanded on, if people could suggest content for that as part of the review that would be very helpful. It is also not in official CCSDS format, but that is relatively easy to add at a later date.
> I think Peter has done a great job in writing this, however it has taken far longer than we had hoped therefore I would like to suggest that I take over the editing/updating of the document from this point forward. If there is an issue with this suggestion please let me know otherwise I will assume that it is acceptable.
> Best regards,
> Sam.
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