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Mike Kearney kearneysolutions at gmail.com
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Dear SM&C Colleagues:  During this meeting cycle, we didn’t have the time for a joint meeting of SM&C and DAI.  But we can still coordinate electronically.  


So we’re submitting a few (exactly two) comments on your current green book draft, attached.  They are in sections and  Let us know if you need any discussion or questions answered on our comments.  We’ll be happy to put you on the agenda of our weekly telecons, if you’d like verbal vs. electronic discussions.  




   -=- Mike


Mike Kearney

Huntsville, Alabama, USA


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Dear All,

Please find the link below for the updated draft Green Book for MO:


The document is considerable advancement on the previous version, however it should be noted that this book is still a work in progress as it does not have any CCSDS book formatting or document boiler plate sections and three sections are still outstanding (sections 8 - Comms, section 10 - Future directions, and Section 11 Glossary of terms), they will be added once the meat of the document is complete

There are also no diagrams in the document, it would have been helpful to have these there but it was felt that getting the structure and text of the document out for discussion was more important than spending time developing the diagrams. Once the document is more stable these will be added in.

The current plan is to review the document at the Berlin meeting in two weeks, however this will be time limited so we will not be doing a page by page review, please have any areas you wish to discuss selected by then. We hope for an updated, correctly formatted draft before the end of the year.

Best regards,

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