[Moims-sc] FW: Informal MOIMS Review of inputs to the CCSDS Reference Architecture activity

Roger Thompson roger.rocketbrain at btinternet.com
Thu Sep 22 13:11:33 UTC 2016

Dear All,


I have not yet received any feedback on the above document - it would be
useful to receive this in advance of the Rome meeting (ideally one
consolidated response per working group) to allow me to make any necessary
updates in the MOIMS contributions to the CCSDS Reference Architecture work.


As I have produced this following consultation with Sam Cooper (SM&C) and
David Giaretta (DAI), based it on inputs from the NAV working group, and am
myself a member of the MPS working group, I am hoping that it is not too
wide of the mark, but comment/confirmation from the wider MOIMS community is


Best regards,




From: Roger Thompson [mailto:roger.s.thompson at btinternet.com] 
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Subject: Informal MOIMS Review of inputs to the CCSDS Reference Architecture


Dear All,


Hopefully you are aware that I have been seconded on behalf of ESA to the
System Architecture Working Group to provide inputs from the MOIMS Area to
the ongoing Reference Architecture activity.


We are attempting to extend the CCSDS Communications Architecture (which
covers SLS, SIS and CSS areas) to cover the application layer standards of
the MOIMS and SOIS areas.  The intention is to create a RASDS-based
reference architecture with the following views:


.         Functional

.         Service

.         Data

.         Protocol [Communications Layers stack]

.         Deployment [Examples]


In the first instance this is in diagrammatic/tabular form only.  In due
course the intention is to provide more explanatory text in a Green/Magenta
book format.  I have tried to provide some explanation of acronyms within
the document, but please feel free to email me if you have any queries.


I have had some inputs/discussion with several of you (the MPS WG, David
Berry, Sam Cooper and David Giaretta) in order to pull together some draft
inputs.  The attached file contains my current draft of the Functional and
Service views covering the MOIMS Area standards.  Mario has asked me to
conduct an informal MOIMS Area review of this in advance of the Rome


I would be grateful if you could provide feedback in the form of Word
comments in a copy of the attached file, within the next 3 weeks (by 21st
September), so that I can attempt to address this prior to the meeting.  It
would be particularly helpful if I could get feedback from at least one
member of each working group [SM&C, MPS, NAV and DAI] - and noting that I
have more familiarity with the SM&C and MPS activities, especially from NAV
and DAI.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and look forward to seeing you
all in Rome!


Best regards,





Roger Thompson

RocketBrain Ltd

Director and Principal Consultant

Spacecraft Mission Control Systems

T: +44 1380 830385 | M: +44 7801 233214 | E:
roger.rocketbrain at btinternet.com 





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