[Moims-sc] MAL binding to TCP & split binary encoding

Serge Lacourte serge.lacourte at scalagent.com
Wed Apr 27 13:34:08 UTC 2016

Dear Mehran, SM&C WG Members,

we (ScalAgent) are working for the CNES to implement a MAL/TCP transport 
and split encoding according to your specifications.
We have a number of remarks and questions to share on the document. 
Should we make them as comments on the word document we have (version 
dated from may 2015)?
Is there any newer version we should work on ?

Best regards,

Serge Lacourte
Directeur general
ScalAgent Distributed Technologies SA
tel. +33 4 76 29 79 81
mobile. +33 6 86 47 41 06

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