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I suggest we wait for the presentation in Darmstadt and use the slot to 
discuss rather than exchanging emails. I think most of what you are asking 
for (including format specification and retrieval from the catalogue for 
each product) has already been taken into account by the attached draft 
spec but I rather go through the points during the meeting than explaining 
in email.
It will help in the discussions, if you find the time to read the spec 
before the meeting.


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Hi Mehran,

thanks for the clarification. My interpretation was coming primarily from 
the examples in the
powerpoint from GMV, and not from the draft standard.
For this we could then add some example of use based on files like you 
explain below so that all type
of users are catered for.

Regarding the data format and my previous comments with Dan, one important 
aspect when dealing 
with product is also to facilitate/allow  the distribution/access to 
product related metadata; when they 
are physically embedded into the data then it is not a problem but when 
the metadata is  separated and
logically associated it is.

The most important case of required metadata (but not the only one) is the 
format specification/data-dictionary. 
So I would foresee the ability for service to support request and 
distribution for any data of the
relevant (user defined)  formatspec files (regardless of what they are).


On 27 Oct 2015, at 20:47 , mehran.sarkarati at esa.int wrote:

Hi Michele,

Mission data product is very generic and not limited at all to M&C data 
products. It can be a TM timeline or an image or a science data product, 

The given products definitions are "examples" from typical M&C area. Look 
at the service specifications, the concepts and data types for product in 
the attached draft book and product definition details and catalogue entry 
and you will see that the service is deliberately kept generic to support 
any kind of data product distribution.
The consumer can query to find which products are supported in what format 
and from which source. It can then retrieve the product definition and 
then send a req to get the product.

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On 27.10.2015, at 16:28, Michele Zundo <michele.zundo at esa.int> wrote:

Dear Mehran,

thanks for this.

One high level comment regards the scope for such service, which covers in 

your draft type of data coming from M&C type of systems but leave out the
?real? mission data, ?mission" being the end-product of the mission i.e. 
science products and related data
either downloaded on payload link or produced by payload data processing 

I believe that we should include in the scope of this service not only 
TT&C TM (packets, parameters, etc)
but also science and related data e.g. as formatted file products (level 
0, Level 1 etc). 
We have already working practice and formats description standards and we
should make sure that we define service in a generic way so that we can 
support that
 as well.

I can elaborate more during the meeting in November.


On 27 Oct 2015, at 12:36 , Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int wrote:


Michele Zundo

Head of Ground System Definition and Verification Office
European Space Agency, ESTEC
e-mail: michele.zundo at esa.int

Michele Zundo

Head of Ground System Definition and Verification Office
European Space Agency, ESTEC
e-mail: michele.zundo at esa.int

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