[Moims-sc] Resolution MOIMS-SM&C WG-R-2015-03-001

Mario.Merri at esa.int Mario.Merri at esa.int
Thu Mar 26 23:23:27 UTC 2015

Dear CESG chair,

I would appreciate if you could approve the following MOIMS resolution.

Best regards,


MOIMS-SM&C WG-R-2015-03-001, Resolution concerning approval of SM&C WG 

The CCSDS Management Council,

CONSIDERING that the SM&C Working Group has submitted 5 new projects 
listed in the attachments, 

and ACKNOWLEDGING that the projects have the requested resources also 
taking into account that they will largely inherit from previous CCSDS 
projects and rely on already available results from external projects

and ACKNOWLEDGING that the responsible Area Director has reviewed the 

AUTHORIZES the SM&C  Working Group to proceed with work on the identified 
projects with the associated timelines and resources indicated 

·       Project: Mission Operations - ZeroMQ Transport and CNES Binary 
Encoding, Blue Book: CNES Editor and Prototype 1
·       Project:  Mission Operations ? HTTP Transport and XML Encoding, 
Blue Book: ESA Editor and Prototype 1
·       Project:  Mission Operations - TCP/IP Transport and Split Binary 
Encoding, Blue Book: ESA Editor and Prototype 1
·       Mission Operations - Mission Data Product Distribution Services, 
Blue Book: ESA Editor and Prototype 1
·       Correlated Data Generation, Orange Book: FSA Editor
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