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Sam Cooper Sam.Cooper at scisys.co.uk
Thu Mar 5 16:08:39 UTC 2015

Dear All,


One action I've had for a while is to find a good mechanism and location
for collecting RIDs/enhancements on future, in progress and already
published MO standards. We used to have the Bugzilla but due to many
reasons that is no longer available. 


So, for the recent work on the Common and M&C specifications we've been
using the issue reporting capability of GitHub. It seems to be working
well so it's about time I publicised it so that we can all use it.


Firstly you will need to create an account on GitHub (http://github.com)
to add or comment on issues, but you do not need an account to view
them. The location of the issue portals for the current book set are:


MAL: https://github.com/SamCooper/MAL_SPEC_RIDS/issues 

COM: https://github.com/SamCooper/COM_SPEC_RIDS/issues

Common: https://github.com/SamCooper/COMMON_SPEC_RIDS/issues 

M&C: https://github.com/SamCooper/MC_SPEC_RIDS/issues 

Java API: https://github.com/SamCooper/JAVA_SPEC_RIDS/issues 


If you think there needs to be another repository for collection of RIDs
etc on another book (such as the reference model) then just ping me an
email. Any changes to those links above such as a new RID or a new
comment on an existing RID sends me an email so I should be able to
respond eventually.


Let me know if you need any help with this or if it's not clear.


Best regards,






Sam Cooper

Systems Architect - Space Division


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