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Dear Mike,

this really comes as a surprise! On behalf of the entire SM&C WG, I would 
like to thank you for your dedication to the CCSDS at large and in 
particular to your support to the MO Services development. Sometimes we 
went through rough times, but you always helped us to steer our work to 
the benefit of the user community.

As for your retirement, we wish you all the best and, definitively, hope 
to "see you around" in the future.

Happy new year!


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Greetings to my CCSDS Colleagues ? CESG and WG Chairs
I?m afraid I have some news.  I am retiring from NASA.  My last day 
working for NASA will be January 2. 
I?m sorry for surprising everyone with this on short notice? it surprised 
me too.  NASA has a program that was announced in Early December to 
encourage retirement, and it doesn?t allow much time for a graceful exit 
I am leaving my CCSDS work in extremely good hands.  James Afarin at NASA 
HQ will immediately assume the role of NASA delegate to CCSDS and the CMC, 
and I have nominated him to be the next CMC Chairman and General 
Secretary.  The Secretariat day-to-day NASA management will be Kelvin 
Nichols at MSFC. 
As I said in my note to the CMC, I can?t express the sadness with which I 
leave the CCSDS teams, both technical and management.  I was actually 
eligible for full retirement from NASA ten years ago, and the criticality 
and excitement of the CCSDS work and the pleasure of working with my CMC 
and CCSDS colleagues were the driving factors in my annual decision to 
continue working for NASA.  I hope that I will be able to continue 
participating in some CCSDS role after my NASA retirement, but that will 
be TBD for some time. 
I want to say that working on the CCSDS program has he most rewarding 
experience of my career.  CCSDS is developing capabilities that will be 
needed for virtually all of mankind?s future spaceflight programs and 
international spaceflight ventures.  You and your CCSDS colleagues from 
your agencies are performing a function that is extremely critical and 
does not get the recognition it deserves.  I hope that this improves for 
CCSDS in the future.  And I thank all of you as individuals for the 
collegial working relationship and the friendship that was demonstrated 
during our time together with CCSDS. 
All the best wishes for you and your teammates as CCSDS moves forward to 
even greater accomplishments.  And all the best wishes for you and your 
families in the upcoming holiday season. 
Best regards, 
   -=- Mike
Mike Kearney
Lead Technology Manager
Mission Operations Laboratory
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