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Hello ,

Please find hereafter some comments from the CNES XTCE expert, Beatrice Larzul.

Issue 14502: Time/Encoding at scale, at offset terminology vs DynamicValue/LinearAdjust
A consequence is that [Argument]BaseTimeDataType/Encoding at scale is not anymore a 'double' and becomes a 'decimal'.
This does not enforce readability (e.g. Absolute time parameter PTC=9, PFC=18 of ECSS-E-70-41A has a scale factor equal to 0.000000059604644775390625)

Issue 819: Typo: RelativeTimeA(r)gumentType
Not taken into account although 'Accepted' during previous review (5/2010)

Issue 14453: Fix ArgumentTypes child element or attributes that use the term Parameter, to Argument
Postponed during previous review (see Issue 377) seems to be Accepted now but the implementation is not homogeneous.
InludeCondition/Comparison/ArgumentInstanceRef/@useCalibratedValue is not allowed while InludeCondition/Comparison/ParameterInstanceRef/@useCalibratedValue is. In both cases, it is required to specify if expression uses a calibrated value or not.
In the same way, RepeatEntry/Count/DynamicValue/ArgumentInstance should have a similar structure than RepeatEntry/Count/DynamicValue/ParameterInstance (i.e. should allow linear adjustment and useCalibratedValue flag)

Issue 9213: ParameterType
This issue is closed with resolution: Added "baseType" to allow inheritance mechanism of types.
The implementation is not complete since TimeParameterType and TimeArgumentType have no @baseType.
The attribute is required in CNES implementation to define PUS parameter types.

Issue 19402: Add argument and fixed value entries to CommandContainerSet/CommandContainer
This issue has been solved at CNES in changing CommandContainerSet/CommandContainer definition to be the same as MetaCommand/CommandContainer.
Not taken into account in this proposition.

Additional issues (already raised in June 2014 but maybe not in time) :
Issue xx: EnumerationList should be optional
There is a need to define parameters that share the same enumeration list, which means that they have the same base enumeration type (inheritance without additional value).

Issue yy: MetaCommandSet should be optional
If we choose to structure the XTCE file, we may want to define 'common' SpaceSystem that only contains types or system parameters. In that case, there is no TM/TC in that SpaceSystem, i.e. no SequenceContainer in TelemetryMetaData and no MetaCommand in CommandMetaData.

If you have any question about these comments, feel free to contact Beatrice by e-mail.



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SM&C Team,

Please review and provide comments back in 2 weeks (due date 26 September 2014) on the 61 OMG XTCE 1.2 issues.  Rename the attached file to ".zip", then unzip the file.

Attached are the OMG XTCE 1.1 to 1.2 proposed changes (issues).  The zip file includes:
- Issues Spreadsheet
- Proposed XML Schema file (.xsd)
- Test xml files (more are being developed)

Some helpful information for reviewing the Issues Spreadsheet.
- Link Column: clicking on the word "Link" will take you to the issue description on the OMG Website
- Type of change: Editorial, Minor schema change, Major schema change

The plan is to submit the official XTCE 1.2 Change Form to the OMB Architecture Board (AB) in November.

A tool will be developed to convert from XTCE 1.1 to XTCE 1.2 files.

-Ron Jones & Kevin Rice

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