[Moims-sc] SM&C WG Action 141111-09: ESA XTCE Strategy

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I am putting together a position paper on how XTCE and GOVSat should be handled by CCSDS.  Both are OMG standards that will be formally approved very soon.  I would like to see them either be recognized as formal CCSDS standards (best approach) or, at a minimum, be posted on the CCSDS site and clearly referenced from the MOIMS web page area.

We have found the letter from the OMG lawyers from several years ago about working with CCSDS on this and we found the Peter Shames memo agreeing that taking the OMG document and putting CCSDS intro material on it is acceptable.

I will attach these documents in my paper in January.


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Dear all,

during the last CCSDS meeting, NASA stated that they would like to make GovSat (the NASA tailoring of XTCE) a CCSDS standard (not yet clear what book colour). They asked if we (ESA, Europe or both) would like to do the same with XTCE-CC and I took an action on this. This email aims at answering to this action.

Action 141111-09        MM to check if the EGC-CC ICD based on XTCE could be published as it may be done for NASA/GovSat (i.e. directly in SANA). Due 31Dec14.

The ESA strategy on XTCE is to develop a tailoring of XTCE as the exchange format for the TM/TC information of the EGS-CC, the next generation European monitoring and control infrastructure. The scope of the EGS-CC XTCE exchange format, XTCE-CC, has been restricted to the XTCE native scope (TM/TC general concepts without EGS-CC specific aspects) with a minimum set of extensions to ensure consistency of the mapping and data exchange, without changing the semantics of the XTCE standard. In addition, the compatibility of XTCE-CC with the ISIS XTCE (XTCE tailoring by CNES)  is being considered already for the production of the XTCE-CC. An ICD is being produced to define the XTCE-CC tailoring, with an annex listing the deviations with respect to ISIS ICD, and how to handle them for compatibility.

Response to Action
At the end of this exercise there will hopefully be a tailoring of XTCE, XTCE-CC, that is also compatible with the CNES ISIS. This tailoring could be a candidate for standardisation similarly as the one done by NASA with GovSat. This will be known approximately mid 2015. It may also make sense to wait for the publication of XTCE1.2.

Use Cases
A. European S/C and US MCS: Option 1: US MCS use XTCE-CC native; Option 2: European S/C generates GovSat; Option 3: A converter exists GovSat<->XTCE-CC
B. US S/C and European MCS: Option 1: European MCS use GovSat native; Option 2: US S/C generates XTCE-CC; Option 3: A converter exists GovSat<->XTCE-CC
C. Interoperability between ESA and CNES
D. Use either GovSat/XTCE-CC to exchange TM/TC info with other applications within the ground segment (e.g. MPS, SIM, FDS)



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