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Poupart Erwann Erwann.Poupart at cnes.fr
Mon Dec 1 14:22:06 UTC 2014

Hi Mehran,

This MO editor could be very helpful for us.

When do you think it could be available at the ESA open source web site ?

I am very interested to use it as soon as possible even as a beta-tester and report you some bugs or ideas for possible improvements if you are interested.

I will wait until the open source release, I don't  want to generate any specific additional work only for me.

Best regards,


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Hi Erwan,

Yes. Iguassu (a Czeck company) is developing the editor. It is a graphical editor in Eclipse (very similar to the web services editor), where you specify the services, operations and data type in table format and it creates the XML and the java skeleton code as well as the document draft.
The editor is almost finished and it looks good. We will have a review in 27 October and I will give a demo in London. I will send you the documents (e.g. Software User Manual) mid October and any feedback would be more than welcome.

I suggest, we organise a demo the latest delivery via web-ex before the review, so that we can feedback your input to the company for their final delivery. If you are interested/available, please let us know and Jose (in cc) can organise the demo.

The goal is to put in GitHub under ESA public license as open source. However this will take a bit of time (for scanning the code and going through the approval cycle). How urgently do you need it, if you cannot wait till say Jan 2015, I can investigate if we can provide you a specific license (but this will be some organisational work for me :-(


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Hi Erwann,

That sounds very exciting news! :)

ESA was running a project with another company to produce an MO service editor, I don't know much more about it than that but I think Mehran is involved with it somehow. Mehran?

There is no need for you to create an account on GitHub if you just want to download the ESA OSS code, it's all publicly available and viewable:


If you are after specific parts of the ESA Java stack we have also pushed pre-built versions of these to Maven Central now, so you can pull them in automatically using Maven:


I expect to provide to the working group the next draft Red release of the Common services, used as a baseline for prototyping, at the end of October.


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Subject: use of MO on Eye-Sat nanosatellite

Hi all,

* first, very good news, MO services may be used from ground to space on this student nanosatellite project followed by CNES.

if i'm correct Sam,  you have some editor tool to build MO xml service definitions ?

if yes, is it possible to provide this xml MO editor in the context fo this project ?

could you also provide an count on github for me to be able to have access to the opensource repository ?

* an another point: when do you think that you can provide the Common Blue Book necessary to start the prototyping exercise between CNES and ESA ?

Best Regards,


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