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A note on Emergency Support Services for comments.

Below are notes from IOAG on Emergency Cross Support.


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Date:   14/07/2014 15:34
Subject:        IOAG Emergency Cross Support - Output of WG

Dear All,

I received a first output from the Emergency Cross-Support WG, which was 
established after our Rome meeting. Please find attached an initial report 
that will be further elaborated. However, since it raises a couple of 
interesting questions to the IOAG community, which includes also 
organisations that are not represented in the WG, I want to forward this 
information. There are a couple of issues that need to be addressed during 
our next meeting / telecon. I don't want to open a second discussion chain 
at this stage in addition to the one within the WG. However, I would like 
to give those agencies that are not involved in the WG the opportunity to 
provide inputs that can be addressed in the WG. 

Context of Emergency Support
The WG will define the context and scope of emergency cross-support. This 
should be verified and confirmed by the IOAG.

Providing Emergency Under a Cross-Support Agreement
There are various bilateral agreements that comprise the cross-support 
emergency support. However, even in those cases the results of the WG are 
useful in order to standardise the cooperation.

Providing Emergency Support With No Cross-Support Agreement
As mentioned in the report the IOAG can help to establish multi-lateral 
guidelines  that can help to support each in time of spacecraft emergency.
It might even be possible to define a charta that regulates the emergency 
cross-support between IOAG member agencies to be used when no 
cross-support agreements exist. However, this is an aspect that requires 
further discussion.

Legal and Liability Issues
Some points to be considered are addressed in the report.

Response Time
I believe that the response time is an issue. We have to discuss whether 
we want to take commitments on the quality of the service.
Apart from the initial response time we might also have to discuss the 
duration of the services that will be provided.

Support Priority
I believe that the IOAG guidelines should clearly specify what the 
limitations are.

Services Provided
I believe that the idea of defining the "Operational Services" together 
with some basic processes and procedures is good.

Safeguarding Emergency Support Capabilities
I don't think that special functions are required as I believe that no 
special resources are needed and the standard resources are anyhow 
maintained and put under configuration control.

Charge For Support
My first reaction would be that the initial support to rescue a satellite 
is free of charge. However, this might dependent on the duration the 
support is required and the bilateral agreements. I believe that this is 
more an issue of bilateral agreements than an issue of the IOAG.

I am looking forward to discuss these aspects with you in our next telecon 
and face-to-face meeting.

If you have any question or require further information please contact 
either Erik Soerensen, who is the co-chair of the WG, or myself.

Kind Regards


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