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Dear All,
Following last week’s WG Telecon, I have updated the MPS Information Model,
Draft Blue Book and Schema in accordance with agreements made as follows:
1.	The Enums for Time and Coordinate reference systems have been
removed.  The corresponding attributes have been changed to MAL::String (xsd
string in the Schemas).
The corresponding attributes have been changed for TimeSystemEnum in
RequestInstance, PlanInformation and MPSSystemConfig structures – the name
of the attribute has been harmonised to timeSystem.
The text explaining the relationship to the SANA Registry has been reworded
appropriately and moved to be with the definition of the MPSSystemConfig
structure in §3.2.8 (as there is no longer a table for the Enum).  This is
referenced from the other two cases.
Similarly the type of attributes (normally “frame”) have been changed for
the coordinate system in CartesianPosition, SurfacePosition,
CartesianDirection, SphericalDirection, RADecDirection.
The text explaining relationship to the NAV PRM and potential SANA Registry
has been reworded appropriately and retained at the start of the section on
MPS Position and Direction Types.
It is not possible in Enterprise Architect to associate an annotation with
an attribute, only with the class.
A minor update was made to the new draft Annex A.
2)      To address the issue of our invalid MonitorPlanExecutionDetail
operation, I have introduced a new abstract type PlanDetailUpdate (no
attributes) and made ActivityUpdate, EventUpdate and ResourceUpdate
derivatives of this.  As it is an abstract class spanning three different
MPS Data Items, I have put its definition together with a UML diagram in the
“General” section §3.2.1.  The definition of the operation has been updated
in §4.4.11 to show a single Publish/Notify message with the signature
detailUpdate : (PlanDetailUpdate) together with the explanation that this
can be of any of the concrete types ActivityUpdate, EventUpdate or
ResourceUpdate – so effectively no different to before.  The sequence
diagram for Plan Execution feedback operations in § has also been
updated accordingly.
A filter key for the type of the object that is being updated
(ActivityInstance, EventInstance or Resource) has been added of type
MAL::Identifier.  A corresponding requirement has also been added.
3)      Rationalisation of Position/Direction Constraints, Triggers and
The abstract LocationConstraint and concrete PositionConstraint and
OrbitalPositionConstraint have been collapsed into a single concrete
PositionConstraint inheriting directly from GeometricConstraint, removing
two classes.  This is possible because of the introduction of the
OrbitalPosition subtype of Position (introduced in the last iteration).
PositionConstraint itself is unchanged.
Similarly the LocationTrigger, PositionTrigger and OrbitalTriggerPosition
have been collapsed into a single concrete PositionTrigger, removing two
classes.  The distanceMargin attribute of PositionTrigger has been made
nullable, with the explanation that it is not required for an
No change has been made to position related repetitions.
A new subtype of Direction has been introduced for RevolutionDirection,
comprising the revolutionAngle and optional units.
No change has been made to direction related constraints, as
PointingConstraints are formulated to use the NAV PRM pointing templates.
The distinct RevolutionConstraint is retained.
The PointingTrigger, DirectionTrigger and RevolutionTrigger have been
collapsed into a single concrete DirectionTrigger, removing two classes.
The angleMargin attribute of DirectionTrigger has been made nullable, with
the explanation that it is not required for a RevolutionDirection.
No change has been made to direction related repetitions.
In total this rationalisation has removed 6 classes.
4)      Note that the changes made have resulted in the renumbering of many
Short Form Parts to retain sequential incrementing within Area/Service in
the Blue Book.  Similarly requirement numbers have changed.
The updated documents can be found in the Current Working Documents folder
on the MPS Google Drive.  Latest versions are Draft G2 of the Blue Book
(change tracking from Draft G); Draft V of the EA Information Model.
Best regards,
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