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Dear all, 

Please find below the minutes of the MP&S WG meeting this afternoon. Let 
me know if I missed/misunderstood something. 

Best regards, 



Subject: Mission Planning & Scheduling WG meeting
Date and time: 22 September 2021, 15:00 - 17:00 CET
Location: WebEx 

Attendance list

- Peter van der Plas (ESA, chair)
- Marc Duhaze (CNES, co-chair)
- Christoph Lenzen (DLR)
- Clément Hubin-Andrieu (CNES) 
- Geoffrey Lochmaier (NASA)
- Ioannis Angelis (ESA)
- Maria Woerle (DLR)
- Olly Page (UKSA)
- Rachel Jenkins (ESA)
- Roger Thompson (ESA)
- Veniamin Zlobin (ESA) 


1. Blue Book
2. Prototyping and Yellow Book
3. CCSDS Fall 2021 Meeting Planning
4. AOB 


1. Blue Book

The latest Blue Book draft E is available on the GDrive (in Blue Book / 
Current Working Documents). The corresponding Enterprise Architect (EA) 
model (draft R) can be found here as well.

The Blue Book will undergo the second (and final) internal WG review 
during the Fall 2021 meeting. Peter to inform the WG and to request 

Open work on the Blue Book:

- Some assumptions on the evolution of the MO Services have been agreed 
with the SM&C WG but shall still be formalised. Roger to follow this up 
with the SM&C WG.
- The use of the SANA Registry for some NAV types is not yet clear. A list 
of open issues was send to the NAV group in June. Peter to follow this up 
with the NAV WG, possibly to organise a splinter during the Fall 2021 
- The XML Schemas for file-based exchange of planning requests and plans 
still has to be completed. Peter and Roger to jointly investigate the 
automatic generation of the XML Schemas from EA.

2. Prototyping

DLR progress limited during the last period due to absence of staff. ESOC 
implementation work making good progress. The Test Specification is nearly 
complete, some open work for Guillermo.

Peter provided the template and examples for the Yellow Book. A first 
draft of the YB will be made available to the WG by 11 October, for review 
and discussion during the Fall 2021 meeting. It was clarified that the 
prototyping will not be completed at this stage; the YB should contain at 
least the overall document structure, the test specifications and the test 
reports. For the test reports, a limited number of test cases will be 
sufficient; the purpose is to review the output produced by the test bed 
and to judge its completeness and readability.

3. CCSDS Fall 2021 Meeting 

A total of 4 sessions are tentatively planned from 18-21 October:

- One session on the Yellow Book and Prototyping
- One session on the Blue Book RIDs and Open Points
- One session on the Blue Book File Formats (XML Schemas)
- A joint session with the SM&C WG

And possibly a splinter with the NAV WG, to clarify the issues on the use 
of the SANA Registry for some NAV types needed in the MP&S Blue Book.

It has been agreed to start the meetings at 16:00 (until 18:00). The joint 
SM&C session may start earlier.

It is expected that the reporting to the MOIMS AD will take place Friday 
22 October, afternoon. As such, no MP&S meeting is planned for that day.

The schedule of the MP&S WG sessions will be finalised by the end of 
September, awaiting the SM&C WG schedule meeting next week, and then to 
synchronise with SM&C accordingly. Alternatively, either 14/15 October are 
reserved for another MP&S session, in case there is a conflict during the 
week of 18-21 October and it is not possible to have all intended sessions 
that week.

4. AOB 


No next WG meeting planned. Next WG event will be the CCSDS Fall 2021 
meeting, Peter will send the MP&S WG meeting invitations before the end of 


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