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Dear all,

Please find below the minutes of the MP&S WG meeting yesterday afternoon. 
Let me know if I missed/misunderstood something.

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Subject: Mission Planning & Scheduling WG meeting
Date and time: 31 August 2021, 15:00 - 17:00 CET
Location: WebEx

Attendance list

- Peter van der Plas (ESA, chair)
- Christoph Lenzen (DLR)
- Clément Hubin-Andrieu (CNES)
- Dave Frew (ESA)
- Geoffrey Lochmaier (NASA)
- Ioannis Angelis (ESA)
- Olly Page (UKSA)
- Rachel Jenkins (ESA)
- Roger Thompson (ESA)
- Veniamin Zlobin (ESA)


1. Blue Book status
2. Prototyping status
3. CCSDS Fall 2021 Meeting
4. AOB


1. Blue Book status

Roger has updated the Blue Book to include all comments. The latest issue 
(draft D2) can be found on the Google Drive. Some open issues regarding 
the MO Services evolution; this will depend on the SM&C WG.

The Enterprise Architect (EA) model has been updated accordingly, see the 
Google Drive (draft R).

The XML Schema generation from the EA model is still pending. Roger 
performed some trials, but still a few issues to solve. Roger and Peter to 
investigate jointly after Roger is back from holidays (15 September). The 
mapping of the MAL types to ASCII (XML) types may follow the concept as 
described in the SM&C Blue Book on XML/ASCII encoding. To be investigated 
by Roger and Peter.

During the Fall 2021 meetings the second (and final) WG internal review of 
the BB will take place. WG members are invited to provide comments, 
preferably in advance.

2. Prototyping status

DLR progress could not be reported due to holidays of key team members. 
ESOC could partially report the progress, no major issues identified.

The Test Specification is pending finalisation by Guillermo. Currently, 
this is not a show-stopper for the teams.

Work on the reporting (Yellow Book) shall be started. To be discussed 
during the next Prototyping meeting (14 September). A draft Yellow Book 
shall be available before the Fall 2021 meeting, such that the document 
structure and contents can be reviewed by the WG.

3. CCSDS Fall 2021 Meeting

The Fall 2021 Meeting will take place 18-22 October 2021 in Toulouse, FR. 
The final decision if an in-person meeting is possible will be taken by 
CCSDS ultimately by 3 September.

The WG members indicated that in principle attendance of an in-person 
meeting in Toulouse would be possible for most, some may have restrictions 
at the moment in their organisation. In addition, in case the Covid19 
situation deteriorates, not everybody is allowed/willing to travel, e.g. 
due to quarantine restrictions.

As such, in case the in-person meetings in Toulouse will materialise, 
there shall also be the possibility for Teleconferencing or 
video-conferencing. This means that the meeting rooms shall be properly 
equipped. Peter to check this with CCSDS organisation.

In principle the MP&S WG will convene all 5 days (minus Monday morning for 
plenary and Friday afternoon for MOIMS reporting). Alignment with the SM&C 
WG sessions should be made (e.g. Roger attending some SM&C meetings, 
others may join as well). Peter to compile a detailed agenda for the week.

Note that the planning will change in case their will be Virtual Meetings 
(afternoons only, maybe split over two weeks).

4. AOB

Next WG meeting planned for Wednesday 22 September 2021, 15:00 - 17:00 
CET. Peter to send the WebEx invitation.


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