[Moims-mp] Updated versions of draft MPS Blue Book and Information Model

roger.rocketbrain at btinternet.com roger.rocketbrain at btinternet.com
Wed Jul 14 17:58:41 UTC 2021

Dear All,
I have uploaded the updated versions of the MPS Blue Book and the Enterprise
Architect Information Model to the Google Drive.
I have also included the Review record together with the disposition of the
comments raised on the previous version.
These can be found at:
Draft E of the MPS Blue Book:
Draft R of the EA MPS Information Model:
Review Record:
This version reflects agreed dispositions on the review comments, and also
agreements reached during the last MPS WG Telecon (last week). 
I have updated all the diagrams that originate from Enterprise Architect.  I
recently upgraded to the latest version of EA, which unfortunately appears
to have a couple of issues in its rendering of diagrams when copied for
transfer into the document:
1.	If the diagram border is added, this is truncated on the right hand
side.  I tried using the old version of EA (which I still have on my
laptop), but unfortunately as the file was generated using the latest
version there were other rendering issues which meant they were neither
consistent with the latest presentation nor that previously used in the
draft blue book.  I have therefore elected to use copy diagrams from the
latest version of EA without borders.
2.	The boundary boxes in the state diagrams are defined to be blue and
dotted.  While they show on-screen in this way, the copied diagram has solid
blue boundary boxes.
Best regards,
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