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Dear all,

Please find below the minutes of our MP&S WG meeting this afternoon. Let 
me know if I missed/misunderstood something.

Best regards,



Subject: Mission Planning & Scheduling WG meeting
Date and time: 7 July 2021, 15:00 - 17:00 CET
Location: WebEx

Attendance list

- Peter van der Plas (ESA, chair)
- Marc Duhaze (CNES, co-chair)
- Christoph Lenzen (DLR)
- Ioannis Angelis (ESA)
- Maria Woerle (DLR)
- Olly Page (UKSA)
- Rachel Jenkins (ESA)
- Roger Thompson (ESA)
- Tony Barrett (NASA)
- Veniamin Zlobin (ESA)


1. Blue Book updates
2. Prototyping status
3. AOB


1. Blue Book updates

Roger is currently in the process of updating the Blue Book, incorporating 
the feedback from the Spring Meeting and from the MO Services v2.0 
evolution. The Enterprise Architect model is being updated accordingly.

A number of issues were raised to the WG for discussion/decision:
- A numbering table for MP&S MO Object types/keys was suggested by Roger 
and agreed with the WG.
  - Polymorphism / sub-types could be indicated using numbering convention 
(3000, 3001, ...).
  - Some issues to be clarified with the SM&C WG.
- Enumerations for time systems and reference frames:
  - The reference frames enum for Position and Direction types shall in 
principle be the same.
  - The NAV group should clarify the SANA Registry entries for these 
  - An email was send to the NAV group clarifying the issues perceived by 
MP&S (Peter to follow up with the NAV group).
- Subscription keys:
  - Keys should be unique for all resources.
  - Validity start/end to be removed (3 instances), not easy to be 
implemented by a Broker. Agreed by WG.
  - Tag: can be list. Similar for domain. To be clarified with SM&C WG.

Roger will provide the updated Blue Book and EA model in the next two 
weeks. The WG is invited to review the Blue Book anytime before the Fall 
2021 meeting, when the last WG internal review is planned.

Remaining for the Blue Book is the annex with the XML Schemas. Roger to 
investigate the possibility to generate these automatically from the EA 
model. Peter to provide support to Roger on this topic.

2. Prototyping status

ESOC and DLR presented the progress on their respective prototyping 
activities. The work is progressing satisfactory. Next meeting planned for 
28 July.

DLR reminded the known issues with the MAL/MO evolution. ESOC did not yet 
encounter these, but is expecting similar issues once they start using the 
Test Bed. Work-around shall be implemented, possibly with the support of 
the SM&C expert.

The Test Specification still requires some updates by Guillermo, but these 
are not expected to have a huge impact on the ongoing work.

3. AOB

Peter mentioned that the plan is to have both the prototyping (report) and 
the Blue Book completed as much as possible by the Fall 2021 meeting in 
October, considering that the MO Services v2.0 evolution is out of the 
control of the MP&S WG. It is not yet clear if the MP&S Blue Book public 
(agencies) review can be started right after the Fall 2021 meeting, or if 
this will be on hold until all necessary updates to the MO Service v2.0 
are formally available (published SM&C Blue Books, MAL software/libraries 
released, etc).

Next WG meeting planned after the summer holiday: 31 August 2021, 15:00 - 
17:00 CET. Peter to send the WebEx invitation.


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