[Moims-mp] MPS Blue Book Draft C2

Roger Thompson roger.rocketbrain at btinternet.com
Wed Jan 27 17:31:54 UTC 2021

Dear All,


I have uploaded a new version of the draft Blue Book to the Google Drive:


In this version I have:

1.       Included updates resulting from WG agreements at the last telecon.
This includes those in response to CGI comments and from the discussion on
Geometric Constraints/Triggers/Repetitions.  Note that this has resulted in
changes to some SFP numbers.

2.       Completed draft inputs for the Planning Request Service, both in
terms of the detail in §4.2 and simplification of the overview in §2.4.2.  I
would be grateful if you could review this before the next meeting, as I
shall use it as a template for the other services once approved.  Also if
Veniamin could review to see if it addresses the needs for missing
information for the XML comment fields.

3.       Updated the Error Numbers in line with a response received from Sam
Cooper.  I have also introduced one new Error required for the cancelRequest
operation – others may materialise when I address the other services.

4.       Corrected a couple of minor errors I spotted whilst doing the


I emailed Sam regarding the two open questions we had during our last

1.       Error numbers are above 64k for all errors defined in the MO
standards – including the MPS ones – so I propose to start with 80000 for
the MPS errors.

2.       If we define an Enum for the secondary error code, then it would
not be extensible (strictly speaking).


Pending WG agreement on the approach I have taken, I shall continue with
preparing the UML Sequence diagrams for the other four services, and then
start on the Plan Distribution Service.


Best regards,



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