[Moims-mp] Updated MPS Information Model and Blue Book Draft C

Roger Thompson roger.rocketbrain at btinternet.com
Mon Jan 11 19:02:51 UTC 2021

Dear All,


Happy New Year!


In preparation for our telecon on Wednesday, I have uploaded the latest
drafts of the MPS Information Model and draft Blue Book.


New in this version:

1.       The Information Model text has been integrated into the draft Blue
Book and all diagrams updated.  The stand-alone Information Model document
will not now be maintained, and I don't plan to routinely generate the
diagram report from the UML model, as the diagrams are in the document.

2.       Agreements from our last telecon have been applied in the
Information Model, this includes disposition of CGI Comments up to v4 and
those not requiring further discussion from v5.

3.       Outcome of splinter session today on Direction and Geometric
Repetitions (the latter now renamed Angle Repetitions).


I have not done any further work as yet on the Services section since
DraftB4 released just prior to Christmas.


Blue Book Draft C:



Enterprise Architect model Draft O:



Best regards,



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