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Mon Apr 12 12:03:02 UTC 2021

Dear All,


I have uploaded a new draft version D1 of the Blue Book to the Google Drive

[@Peter – this is more complete than the working version I emailed you last

I have also uploaded the current EA model as Draft Q.  This includes the
Service Model diagrams (sequence diagrams) and Example diagrams used in the
Conventions section.


In this version, I have:

*	Completed Section 1: Introduction, including the Definitions of
Terms, Table and Figure Conventions and the References.
*	Completed the introductory sections of Section 2 (MPS Concept and
Relationship to MO), drawing on material from the Green Book (updated) – and
included a summary of optional elements of the standard.
*	Completed the introduction to Section 4 (section 4.1) which I had
omitted to do before.
*	Completed Annex A:  Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement
(PICS), based on the Optional Elements of the standard.
*	Completed Annex B:  Security and SANA considerations – copied from
the M&C standard.
*	Completed Annex C:  Abbreviations
*	Completed Annex D:  Informative References – in conjunction with the
Normative References in Section 1, I have also gone through the whole
document to update the references in the text.


This is now a nearly complete draft.  The only remaining issues (subject to
review comments) are now:


1.	Section 7:  XML File Formats – this section (and the file formats)
is still to be completed, as discussed at the last Telecon.
2.	Service Specification – SANA Reference to XML: the MPS Schema is not
currently available at the link we give.
3.	The values of the Time Reference enum are still TBD §3.3.1
4.	Service Tables:  do we want to change the layout and remove the
“Support in Replay” column?
5.	Reference D6 to the NAV Event Message – standard not yet published,
no reference.
6.	MAL Attribute Type enum:  we state this is defined in MAL, but it is
not – we recommend it should be.
7.	There are still a number of comments highlighting potential issues
with the PubSub filter criteria.





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