[Moims-mp] Fw: Fall 2020 Meeting Agenda

Christoph.Lenzen at dlr.de Christoph.Lenzen at dlr.de
Tue Sep 8 16:45:28 UTC 2020

Hello Mehran,

First week of November are school holidays in Bavaria. What about starting early this time (i.e. using the week before)?


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Dear all,

Dan has distributed the attached proposal for the remote Fall technical meetings of the SM&C WG.

[cid:image001.jpg at 01D68610.384E42A0]

If you would agree, we can adopt for our WG the same approach as in Spring Technical meetings and plan our meetings spread over two weeks on every other day, i.e.  27/10, 29/10, 2/11, 4/11 and 6/11.

We can discuss this at our next web-ex meeting on 29th Sept.


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Subject:        Fall 2020 Meeting Agenda

Hi Mehran,

What do you think about doing the same thing than for last CCSDS virtual meetings?

I mean plan five 2 hours slots (days without SM&C meeting) the 27/10, 29/10, 2/11, 4/11 and 6/11 ?


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