[Moims-mp] Latest MPS Blue Book Drafts uploaded

Roger Thompson roger.rocketbrain at btinternet.com
Mon Nov 30 15:47:55 UTC 2020

Dear All,


I have uploaded the following to the Google Drive:


MPS Information Model Draft E:

MPS Blue Book Draft B3:


These include updates resulting from agreements made during the recent Fall

I have also included formal tables for the Service Operations in chapter 4
of the Blue Book, as CGI require these as input to their XML task.  These
have now been completed for all operations of all 5 services.


I have yet to do the following:

-          Integrate the Information Model text into the draft BB

-          Address changes to the Nullable status of attributes in line with
the review conducted by Peter v.d. Plas and recently provided.

-          Address comments received from CGI on earlier drafts of the above
provided to them

-          Address Error codes for each service/operation.

-          Updated the summary service tables in section to make them more
introductory than formal (I needed the more formal description to support
the creation of the tables in Chapter 4).


My intention is to address the above first before proceeding with the
remainder of the document text.


Best regards,



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