[Moims-mp] Inputs for next week's MPS WG Meeting

Roger Thompson roger.rocketbrain at btinternet.com
Wed Oct 16 10:43:41 UTC 2019

Dear All,


I have uploaded Draft I of the Information Model to the "Current Working
Documents" folder in the MPS WG Google Drive, both as Enterprise Architect
file and Diagram Report.  This is my current working draft, and in addition
to recent agreed changes has been reorganised a little to better suit the
document structure.  In particular, I have moved those parts describing
complex structures that are not themselves COM Objects to MPS Data Types
(Arguments, Constraints, Triggers, Repetitions).  MPS Data Items now only
contains those structures that are COM Objects or collections of them
(Activities, Events, Resources, Planning Requests, Plans, Planning
Configuration Data and Functions).


I have also uploaded Draft B of the document "MPS Blue Book Information
Model" in the same Current Working Documents folder.  This is an updated
version of the document I prepared a year ago, containing draft text for the
Blue Book (Information Model section) - model diagrams plus descriptive
text, including attribute lists as tables with descriptions of each
attribute.  It is not in the official format - but in the same format as the
previous draft, itself derived from the Blue Book outline prepared earlier.
This does have the advantage that I can extract lists of acronyms, terms and
TBD items using macros in the associated template.  The format is relatively
easy to harmonise once the text is agreed.  The draft is not quite complete,
but as I will have little chance to work on it before next week, I thought I
should make it available now.  What I know is missing:

1.       I have not yet incorporated and updated the introductory text from
the Green Book that describes planning activities, events, resources, etc.
at high level.

2.       I have still to draft the text associated with Planning Requests,
Plans and Functions.

3.       Diagram from last meeting to explain the filter selection Start,
End, and its relationship with the Plan Start/End through Booleans in the
PlanFilter.  Will be in Plan section.

I have kept the text as brief as possible and it is still 66 pages long in
its incomplete form - it will be over 70 pages.  I know that it was
requested that we include examples to aid the understanding of the reader,
but we need to discuss as this could easily double the page count.


See you next week!



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