[Moims-mp] Representation of COM Object Details

Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int
Wed Mar 13 13:21:33 UTC 2019

Hi Roger,

This is a very nice and clever approach. 

I would not use Generalisation and inheritance from COM Object but instead 
the annotation of <<COM Object>>.

This is simlar to use <<EJB>> annotation for Enterprise JAVA Beans or 
other framework patterns (Spring, etc.). The reason is that COM is like a 
pattern. It means by declaring an object to be a COM object, you put a set 
of requirements and "assumptions" (having related to, source, unique 
identity composed of domain, type, instance identifier, ....) 
Maybe this is a detail, but I think it would make it even more in line 
with other books and notation.


From:   "Roger Thompson" <roger.rocketbrain at btinternet.com>
To:     <Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int>, <moims-mp at mailman.ccsds.org>
Date:   12/03/2019 17:36
Subject:        Representation of COM Object Details

Dear All,
I have been playing around within EA and it seems there may be a 
relatively straightforward representation for the COM Object / Details 
I have modelled Request Version Details as a separate class [structure] 
that contains the attributes specific to the Request Version.
Request Version has one non-inherited attribute, ObjectBody of type 
Request Version Details.  There is also containment relationship between 
Request Version and Request Version Details
Attributes of Request Version are hidden.
By placing the Request Version Details structure inside the box of the 
Request Version object, the containment relationship is not shown 
(providing Request Version Details is totally contained within the Request 
Version).  Relationships can continue to be shown to the Request Version 
object.  So we end up with the following representation, with correct 
modelling internally:

This would both satisfy alignment with the M&C service representation and 
allow us to retain more or less the current diagram layouts.
Creation of the ?Details? data types is relatively straightforward as the 
structure of the current COM objects can be duplicated as a new Details 
Object, the attributes removed from the COM object, but the relationships 
If everyone is happy with this, I can go ahead and update the model.  I 
can probably get this done before the next telecon.

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