[Moims-mp] Draft F3 of MPS Information Model available

Roger Thompson roger.rocketbrain at btinternet.com
Tue Mar 12 09:51:56 UTC 2019

Dear All,


I have updated the MPS Information Model to reflect the agreements made at
our last telecon in January, and also to correct a few minor errors noticed
by myself and Veniamin.

This has been saved to the Google Drive as Draft F3


The EA model is at:

The RTF diagram report for those without EA is at:


The main changes are:

-          Changes to PatchPlan - this is now a COM object with an ID, with
its Related link pointing to a PlanIdentity object.  A status field has also
been added to make this consistent with PlanVersion

-          The MPS Version data type has been removed, and the corresponding
attributes on Definition objects changed to a MAL String


With regard to PatchPlan, I note that this is now very similar to
PlanVersion.  An alternative approach would be to harmonise this, so that
PatchPlans and PlanVersions have identical structure and are merged together
as PlanVersion.  This would require:

-          An attribute on PlanVersion that defines its type as a full Plan
or a patch Plan.

-          The reference attribute to Predecessor points to the previous
Plan from which the current Plan is derived; for a PatchPlan this is
equivalent to Source Plan, so a single attribute can be used.  While this
can be null for a Plan, it must be a valid PlanVersion for a PatchPlan.  The
referenced PlanVersion must be a Full plan, not a PatchPlan.

-          An additional reference attribute to the TargetPlan is required.
For a Plan this is effectively itself, so it should be null.  For a
PatchPlan this is optional but if provided must be a valid PlanVersion of
type Full.

-          For PatchPlans the PlanRevisions structure is inserted, although
normally there will only be one PlanRevision.  This is to make the structure
consistent with Plan

-          For a PatchPlan only changes (insertions, updates and deletions)
are included - unchanged items are omitted.  This is the key difference
between a Full plan and a Patch plan.

I deferred making this change until it had been discussed with the WG.


Best regards,



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